Lancaster Man Kicked Out of Park During Bigfoot Hunt

What would you do if you saw a Bigfoot on a trail?  If you were armed with a camera, it’s foreseeable that you might snap a couple of photos and then try to get as far away as you could, assuming you were able to.  But one man from Lancaster decided the only way to get the legendary creature on film for sure was to spend the night camped in his truck near the Sabine River.  The man had set up bait on top of his car and presumably was sleeping through the night in the hopes he would be awakened at some point and gain the opportunity to snap a photograph.  Unfortunately for this would be Bigfoot hunter, the incident ended with him facing charges for trespassing.

The man allegedly had a small steak, nuts, and a cache of oranges on top of his truck in the hopes that the hairy hominid would smell them and approach his vehicle.  It seems unlikely to begin with that Bigfoot, a creature that has effectively eluded capture by photographs or in traps infected with human scents would be so willing to forego its longtime seclusion from humans in order to suddenly drop his foraging and wander up to a truck with the intention of getting an easy free meal.

The man was apparently awakened when Police Captain Jack Newmar rolled up to the truck and knocked on the window.  The man explained that he was hunting Bigfoot, and apparently the captain was unimpressed.  There have been rumors about Sasquatch lurking around the Sabine River where the man parked his truck, but as is always the case with the elusive creature, nothing had been confirmed.  

The idea that Sasquatch wanders from region to region is by no means a recent development.  After the region where the original Patterson Gimlin footage was taken was scoured by would be Bigfoot Hunters, eventually a great deal of them came to the conclusion that the legendary creature must have taken a hike out of the region.  Such migrations would no doubt offer new opportunities as well as challenges for anyone attempting to hunt the creature.

But obviously trespassing in the park to hunt the creature falls into the same category of foolhardy as so many cases where witnesses attempt to gain footage of other paranormal activity such as ghosts without asking permission to be on the premises first.  Although it does seem possible the man meant no harm in his case.  The police captain noted that he was not armed with anything more than a camera when his vehicle was searched.  As for Bigfoot, it seems even if a human being in a truck is not beyond being spotted by passing patrols, the six and a half foot tall humanoid with a foul odor and a phobia of photography may be trespassing still without anyone being the wiser.  And if he is seen, it will certainly not be during closing hours if authorities have anything to say about it.