Larry Kusche & Possible Bermuda Triangle Explanations

There are a lot of theories as to why the Bermuda Triangle exists and what is behind the disappearances that have been attributed to this mysterious region. In this article, you will encounter possible explanations for the tales behind the Bermuda Triangle, which include alien abductions and a connection to Atlantis.

Larry Kusche Research

Lawrence (Larry) David Kusche wrote ‘The Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Solved”. The research librarian from Arizona State University believed that many of the claims made by those who believed the supernatural was behind the regional disappearance were exaggerated and could not be verified. In this article, you will encounter possible explanations for the tales behind the Bermuda Triangle.

Larry Kusche conducted research that showed a handful of inaccuracies and inconsistent information. Kusche compared eyewitness accounts and read over the many reports. He noted that many times, significant pieces of information were overlooked. Scanning alleged reports, reading newspaper articles, and looking for other possible explanations (like bad weather), Kusche came up with the following conclusions:

The number of aircraft and ships that were reported missing in the Bermuda region were not significantly greater (proportion-wise) to any other part of the ocean.

Tropical storms are commonplace in the region, which could have contributed to some of the disappearances.

Inconsistent research shows an exaggerated total number of disappearances that have actually occurred in the region. An example is when a ship in fact did return to port, even if it was delayed.

Some disappearances never took place. Kusche learned that one plane crash that was reported to have taken place in 1937 (off of Daytona Beach, Florida), was said to have been seen by hundreds of onlookers, but nothing in the local papers spoke of the accident.

The legend surrounding the Bermuda Triangle is sensationalized by the imaginations of writers, who unknowingly or purposefully concocted the story.

Supernatural Explanations

In an attempt to explain the happenings associated with the Bermuda Triangle, writers often mention theories that center on the supernatural. From ancient technology to alien abductions, the reasoning may sound far-fetched, but researchers felt they had to come up with possible explanations for the mysterious disappearances.

One theory concentrates on the legend of Atlantis , the “lost continent” that some believe used advanced technology that was left behind when the location “disappeared.” A submerged rock formation (known as the Bimini Road) located off the island of Bimini in the Bahamas is often linked to the Triangle mystery.

However, other writers believe that the Triangle is connected to unidentified flying objects. Some people have been influenced by science fiction, including the Steven Spielberg film, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” The movie actually depicts the lost crew of Flight 19 as alien abductees. Others claim that unexplained forces are to blame.

In the article titled, “Bermuda Triangle Explanations: Natural,” you will learn some of the theories that look beyond supernatural explanations.