Latest Bigfoot Video Leaves Much to be Desired

Recently bloggers were struck by the circulation of a brief video depicting what some suggested was none other than the legendary cryptid known as Bigfoot.  But watching the video, even most believes agree that it leaves much to be desired in the way of evidence.  Out of nearly two million view, the posting has been overwhelmingly judged by most as an absolute hoax.

Bigfoot has been one of the most sought after creatures of mystery since for decades, and now that the creature is seeing a resurgence in popularity in some circles, the drive for evidence has never been higher.  But as an unintended side effect, hoaxes are now becoming epidemic in relation to this elusive creature.  And now researchers at The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization have weighed in on this hoax with their own analysis, “The costume is so bad that the cameraman had to blur the picture.”  And when you look at the video, it’s clear there’s no reason at all for the images to be as blurry as they are other than a blatant attempt to cover up a bad costume.  It’s clear the image wasn’t simply out of focus on the object they were trying to film, but it is clear something strange is up when it doesn’t seem to change focus at all.

Furthermore, the legs look too short for what people usually describe from close encounters with the creature, and it has a hopping sort of gait uncharacteristic for the legendary missing link.  And though the stories may not always correlate to one another, one of the themes of Bigfoot is that it has large feet.  The creature in the video does not appear to have particularly large feet.  And then there’s the arm movement.  Unlike the previous Freeman film, the new footage has what appears to be a very human way of waving behind it as the creature jumps across the culvert next to the road and into the woods.

The images on film look almost like a joke, but Youtube user “knobbylives” adamantly suggests it’s real.  But is he pulling our leg?  It all began, the user says, on March 22nd of this year as he was pulling onto Golden Valley Church Road.  The witness says that both he and a friend of his spotted the creature as he was crossing the road and sprinting into the woods.  Having a camera on him, the witness jumped out of the car and stood by the truck rolling film.  As it spotted them standing there watching it, the creature turned toward them and made a grotesque snarling sound.

But if it’s real, why does the film look like a person dressed in an ape costume to so many experts?  Since the first few frames of the Freeman film, Bigfoot has been a subject of great interest among hunters and hikers alike as they find themselves glancing over their shoulders to see if the legendary creature is sneaking up on them.  Of all the staples of folklore, every culture seems to have its own version of Bigfoot.