Life After Death

Were do we go after are death? Do we decend into Heaven or Hell? Or do we simply just forget and go into a unexplainable Coma? No one truly knows but the dead, so we here on earth are left to ponder on this question. For the religous folk, It’s heaven or hell. But how can heaven or hell be if we cannot see them and how can are body forms and souls get to such a place? Which brings me to my next questions, What is a soul? Do we have them? How can any such person be decided on were we go when we die if they cannot answer those two questions? For those who don’t believe in God, where do they go? Christians might say to hell. BUT WAIT! if they don’t believe in God and the devil etc,. How can they go to hell when it doesn’t apply to them? How about being reborn into a new life, a new family and community. Mabye when we die our “souls” are put into another body and we re-live our lives. How about this possibility, mabye were we go is split up, believers in christ on one side, non believers on the other side. But who truly knows but the dead.      

chris tivnan    [email protected]