Lizard Man Returns to Lee County

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It’s been several years, but one of the most iconic creatures in crypto zoology has allegedly returned to its home town.  The lizard man of Lee County has appeared once again and is wreaking havoc on vehicles and around citizens as it once did back in 1988 when it first appeared.  The lizard man is back, according to crypto zoologists, and he is up to his old tricks.  If this is true, then we may be seeing a lot more of the creature in the coming weeks and months.  And looking at the vehicles his razor sharp teeth somehow tore right through, it seems he is going to be making appearances again, and that has some people concerned.

The Lizard Man of Lee County legend started in 1988 when a series of sightings started taking place around Lee County.  People were terrorized, vehicles were torn into with massive teeth, and tracks were sighted all over the place.  Eventually it became known as the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp.  It started when Christopher Davis first spotted the creature clawing along the side of the road at 2:00 AM.  The creature in this case burst from the darkness and started sprinting toward him.  After a few seconds of panic, Christopher Davis jumped back in the car and the creature leaped onto the hood where it clung as he sped down the highway back toward home.  Swerving from side to side like a bad B horror film, the creature was clawing at the side view mirror in order to stay on.  The police listened to his story, but thought little of it until later when the creature was spotted again.

Soon dozens of sightings were taking place.  People would find massive tooth marks on their cars and find their hoods completely bitten through and town to shreds by strong razor sharp claws.  As the incidents continued, eventually there would be an investigation into the mystery creature that had suddenly burst onto the scene from out of nowhere.  Interestingly, the sightings would almost always happen within a 3 mile radius of the swamp leading some to think the creature lived here the rest of the time.  Soon tourists would descend on the area hoping to catch sight of the lizard man.

Unfortunately for monster hunters, the creature soon disappeared into obscurity until about 2005 when it would once again resurface tearing through cars and generally causing mischief around town.  But those sightings were nowhere near as dramatic as when two residents this week stepped out and found their car torn up like it had been mauled by a bear – only a bear capable of biting through steel.

While the creature itself was not spotted in relation to the incident, former Sherrif Liston Truesdale was interviewed by local news station WLTX in South Carolina.  Truesdale had been around when the original sightings had happened 30 years ago.  And now it seems the lizard man is back.