Love Relations are Truely Unexplainable

The reason this document was written for the fact of keeping a relationship for 3 years without breakup and still going using the info outlined in this document. This info came from talking to as many people as possible of both sexes plus consulting the sources listed at the bottom and one such was a married couple who want to be anonymous. There was also a college course on speaking to others to learn the basic rules of communication of one to another. One such lesson was to use the I instead of you in speech to one anotha and to learn more read on in this doc.

How to get a relationship in the first place? Hang around gathering places to make contact with people and once in a while tho the right feeling comes on ye or bump into them accidentally. Anyway ye doit the goal be the same. Trying to meet people for a family life situation and the loss of loneliness. Now to do this ye must understand that people have to be ready to need a relationship. Thus the relation be based on these tenets:

Say caustic remarks to get the others attention and offer equal payment for dates as in equal share of the money from both parties.
The idea of no can be yes or know unless its definite no so its a no.
Keep your distance unless the other is intimate.
The right time makes the right moment so don’t be afraid to try as there will be other times as well.
Persons demeaner must suit yours in some way.
The right time be the right time so respect the choice of your other.
Communication must be two way and never hold back on important info.
Always be willing to do things for the other person so show false joy and actively help out even if ye don’t feel like it.
The past remains the past until they ask.
Be expressive and try not to hide things because a relationship cannot go anywhere if ye be mysterious.
Support your lover.
Make things spontaneous but constant. Have something to surprise them with.
Make use of the face system if ye can.
Keep in contact with the choice ye chose of relation or they might forget ya.
Find something in common and if ye don’t have anything in common, fake interest.

Now ye can follow these rules but ye don’t have to follow them all but if ye can then ye be set to go. After ye find someone there be two steps to go by to gain the relaionship. 1.be humorous or whatever mood need be to support the other as ye be an aid for the other plus ready for anything. 2.Know that a relationship needs time to develope so learn from each other.

The sexual relationship be to first negotiate then to talk and after the sexual arousal appears right in the talking. They skip to the partnership stage to have sex and low romance thus it lasts all night. This date stage lasts for months then the relationship either breaks up or goes into partnership. Only after a successful sex pairing does the relationship go to marriage. The whole goal of this be marriage for lust and desire. So this marriage lasts a few years to forever as long as the sex interests be there.

The stages of a normal relationship be: negotiation, talking, osmosis, friendship, dating, partnership, spouse, marriage, children and parentage. How this works be the fact of ye talk to your choice thus ye negotiate with them right after for a chat dialogue. In this negotiation try to find in yourself similarities to the other thus ye find a common base of communication through talking. Osmosis occurs by the union of thought of the other to form a friendship base. This base be adaptable to the influences surround so it sometimes turns into the negotiation stage. After a while ye may end up dating.

Thus to date ye heighten your senses and make spontaneous fun happen or constant chatter of interesting subjects to keep interest but if ye hear the word “no” or “stop” in the conversation then ye shift to another topic. This oftentimes leads to sex after romance. Romance be the important part of a date which be sometime overridden by the sexual desire and need for one another. In the dating itself be open minded so ye can understand the partner ye chose. After a few successful dates ye enter a partnership of relation. This be where ye live together or meet each other constantly in secret for sex or activities. With the advent of a partnership ye find that after a few months to a few years the partners opt for marriage after trust between them be firm. To be married ye enter the spouse stage and thus find a true understanding of each other. Thus a trust of partnership bonding be formed and ye set a date for the actual marriage.

Marriage be desire of duty that people stay couples for the act of children. This is the permanent joining of mind, body and purpose to start a family and make devotion to each other. A couple starts off with two people working together and living together as they decide. The coupling of sex begets children sometimes and the more children the higher the living costs of family life and more stress in environment. Being adaptable makes the possible arguments and stress disappear. The higher the living costs the lower the standards of life in the family.

In the parental stage it be necessary to make understanding of others habits and then dismiss them as normal. If ye don’t dismiss the spousal habits then the marriage problems persists as lack of communication plus irritation of habits cause breakup. Try to not let little things get to ya and each little thing that pops up talk to your spouse to resolve excess stress. Meditation begets a large reduction of stress but not the solution to the habit. When love finally turns to devotion to the child then sex desire dissapears. Thus the parents must take care of the children and be willing to adapt or it falls apart. So try to strive with the spousal actions and release tension through meditations.

Children stage starts with pregnancy and pregnancy lasts 9 months or less as children can be premature. During the pregnancy a roundness forms in the stomach to make an a smooth ball of a stomach. The female spouse is subjected to rapid mood swings or never changes. Thus yelling fits be defeated by a calm expression and talk smoothly to the spouse. The jealousy fits be defeated by reassurance and repeating that I didn’t cheat or other similiar phrases till she comes around. To end an argument tell the spouse exactly what ye doing leaving no room for argument. To detain the argument possibility meditate to release the stress. If an argument persists guide it with choice words so that it be a positive resolve and repentance. When nothing good can be said then say nothing at all. The argument failure be no growth and more pressure to relation. This typical activity goes on till the female hormones stabilizes and the pregnancy term be over.

Men during the pregnancy months act sometimes as if nothing happened or as if they should support the mother more often. Let the male spouse support ye when they want to support them. So men, try not to eat like the pregnant woman as ye could gain alot of mass. To get the men back to your side say calming words and invite them into your activities. Work with the men trying to be understanding and compassionate as this will shock the male spouse very much so unless they expect it. If they be cool to ye after then say things like “I think this be the best for both of us, so lets remain together” several times and he will come around. To get over the “I am afraid of this thus I run away” mindset, try not mentioning what they be afraid of while giving them other positive messages or means to ther moods. Like to offer what thy want to do as an activity. Give the male spouse activities to keep his mindset sane when ye get moody. Make every chance ye get of the baby noticed by saying “it kicked” or “its doing things” then try to describe the activity. This will keep him occupied from the strain of pregnancy. All in all meditation will keep yo calm and emotional control.

Parental stage be the most strenuous and difficult as spouse and children must be treated differently in two different relationships. The spouse ye treat with dignity and spontaneity whereas the children ye treat as if ye were the rolemodel and only show what ye want. Thus the treatment of children be shown equal attention to all the children ye have. One child becomes responsible for the rest as a leader thus it usually becomes the 1st born to accomplish. The younger children are shown the responsibility by the oldest making less strain on the parents. Now the parents can be free to do more things but family meetings be necessary to tell the children ye care. These meetings be necessary to plan out family activity with some discipline and give the children goals. It be necessary for the parents to talk to set goals separate of each other yet complementary. Thus they be playful and this makes it fun as a whole. Whats an example of this is two movies/programs as “family ties” or “the brady bunch” for large and small families.

source from “Men are from Mars and Women from Venus”
source from 6 women and 4 men (anonymous)

An excellent book for anyone looking for relationship answers, or to further your personal learning.