Man Mysteriously Falls from Sky

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Authorities are perplexed as they are working to determine just how one North Carolina Teenager whose remains were discovered was in the sky when it was determined that the cause of death was most likely falling a great distance.  No buildings were anywhere nearby where the teen could have fallen.  At the moment police are entertaining the idea that he could have possibly fallen from a plane while hidden away in the wheel well.  Still others are suggesting no such breach of security could have taken place suggesting instead a far stranger narrative.

The idea of people suddenly falling out of the sky is not entirely alien to us in the 21st century.  Earlier this year authorities scrambled to discover the body of an unidentified man who had mysteriously fallen out of the sky in New Jersey in September.  Like so many cases like this one, it is still entirely unsolved and officially labeled a misidentification of the dozens of ground witnesses who saw the man falling and the aftermath.  Instead, it is suggested the “man” could have instead been merely a piece of debris from the unidentified plane in the area.

But this latest case, that of 16 year old Delvonte Tisdale, suggests something else entirely might have happened.  Authorities suggest Tisdale must have somehow snuck onto the runway and secured himself in a wheel well and then fallen out as a plane opened up the landing gear to land in Massachusetts.  Authorities were initially perplexed by the fact that the youth had gone from North Carolina to Massachusetts in such a short period of time (far faster than any known means of ground travel).  Others have suggested perhaps there could be a third party influence in this case, though what precisely that is could just as easily be a matter of controversy in this incredibly strange case.

If Delvonte did somehow manage to stow himself away into the wheel well beneath an airplane as it waited on the runway, it’s possible another party with more insidious intentions could have done the same, possibly bringing something far more disastrous with them.  In an age where aerial security is key, this will no doubt be getting quite a bit of coverage if it is proven that the man was in a plane when it arrived in Massachusetts.

Phil Orlandella, in an interview with the Boston Herald, suggested that the idea that Delvonte had successfully stowed away in an airplane was still considered a “remote possibility.”  In the absence of any other evidence, the fairly unlikely explanation that Delvonte had stowed away has been further credited as being true.  Only when the investigation is concluded will we know with reasonable satisfaction what happened.  And even then, it seems a fairly large part of this story will remain entirely and intractably unexplainable.

Several from the UFO community have suggested Delvonte’s death could have been the result of a phenomenon working outside of our normal understanding of the world and the universe.  Of course the question in this case would have to be why.  In fact, that’s a question that follows this mystery no matter what explanation we eventually come to.