Man Relates Bigfoot Encounter

It seemed to Tim Peeler that the mysterious creature was considering his dogs for lunch as it stood outside their pen staring in at them.  He stood transfixed by the reality of what he was seeing for quite some time before eventually telling the creature to leave his property brandishing a large stick.  As the creature left he stood wondering about its intentions and if it had been responsible for several strange sounds he had heard over the past few nights.  Shortly he called 911 to report the sightings.  When listening to the tapes it’s clear the man is troubled by what he had seen, but some might say he sounds less terrified and more confused.

He said the creature was at least ten feet tall and covered by blond hair, taking long strides and making strange sounds similar to that of a whistle.  A sketch Mr. Peeler later drew depicted the creature with an incredibly long beard.  He suggests the creature may be back after visiting twice before that day.

Encounters with Bigfoot generally happen one of two ways.  There are the encounters where the witness is traveling alone or with a group in the woods and they come across the creature in its natural habitat (the witness goes into its territory).  And then there are the encounters where the creature is spotted lurking around the property of someone who lives on the edge of the wilderness (the creature enters the witness’ territory).  Encounters of both types are said to be terrifying, but encounters of the second type at least put witnesses within close reach of their homes where they can hide and possibly even call for help.  And that’s exactly what Mr. Peeler did.  When officers arrived they could not determine what had happened.  There are many stories that go around of Bigfoot being in the area, but very few of the creature having the blond coloring described by Peeler.  Such colors would make it easier to spot the creature in the wild, but could be a genetic mutation.  Or perhaps it doesn’t worry much about being spotted for other reasons.

The story was first broken by wbtv news, but may be soon getting national attention as the 911 tapes are being requested by several mainstream news sources.  Currently there is no word on whether the creature (Knobby as locals call it) has been making an appearance again at Mr. Peeler’s home.  Still, many locals are not surprised by the sudden appearance of the creature.  Knobby has been a regular in the area for quite some time.  Several legends in the area tell of people (including some police) who have either seen the creature or heard mysterious sounds howling within the woods that sound like no animal known by humans.  Knobby, many locals say, will be back.

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