Man Spots Mysterious Orb Tracking Aircraft

It’s a strange sight to see, an object in the sky you simply cannot identify.  But one man who reports a recent sighting within the past week says he simply doesn’t know what he saw.  The object was unlike anything he had ever seen before, and moved at speeds in excess of those a simple balloon could perform.

The witness was walking back to his car after a long day’s work when he spotted an object in the distance and stood outside the driver’s side door staring for a moment.  It was a twin engine airplane of mundane manmade origin.  But what came next, darting behind it from the cloud cover was something he could not entirely explain.  He watched the objects for some time before they disappeared in different directions.

The spherical object tracking the plane and maneuvering around it made no sound whatsoever, but casually tracked the plane in complete silence even as the plane could be observed. And then just as the object looked as though it would impact the aircraft, it suddenly veered off and hovered several yards behind it before shooting off into the distance.  The man witnessing the events resolved to call his wife and upon doing so realized he actually had a camera in his phone and had missed the opportunity to take a picture before the object moved out of sight.  Of course given the small relative size of the object and the distance it was at, anything smaller than a high definition camera would have done very little to prove the story was anything more than a simple balloon or insect sighting.  Of course the man who was actually there is convinced that the object was something other than a simple balloon.  As it approached the aircraft, it clearly showed an ability to keep up with its speed without revealing lights or anything else that would want to be observed.  And ultimately it ended with the strange sphere veering off toward the horizon and disappearing in the distance.

What would a craft such as this be?  Of course since it’s unidentified and flying, it gets the label UFO, but is it necessarily an object of alien origin?  Could mankind theoretically acquire something such as this in the next 20 years?  Is it possible the aircraft could have been some sort of experimental recon drone such as those deployed currently in Iraq?

Looking at the report, there are a few things we can rule out.  Could it have been something the aircraft was dragging behind it on a cable?  Likely not, since it seemed to “track” the aircraft suggesting it had its own means of propulsion.  Could it have been a bird?  Aside from the obvious size difference, the bird would have had to veer around the aircraft and then dart off into the distance at a comparable speed.  This makes the bird hypothesis unlikely.  A smaller commercial or hobby air-craft would not have been able to reach the speed or height of the traditional aircraft either.  So if we have ruled out what it isn’t, can we explain what it was?  This seems to be another clear case of an unexplainable event.