Mass Die Off of Cows Fuels Fears

Lately reports of massive amounts of animals suddenly falling dead have been rolling in with dozens of accounts being unconfirmed worldwide since January 1st.  But now with the latest mysterious die off of over 200 cows in one night, we have to ask if this latest case leads toward the mysterious mass die offs world wide, or if they are actually something else.  And many are saying the “something else” could be either more mundane or more fantastic depending on how you look at it.

Of course always interested in the most fantastic explanation first, we have several theories coming out of the Internet’s forums, blogs, and chat rooms suggesting it could be anything from a government experiment gone horribly wrong to even alien intervention.  For years there have been mysterious cattle deaths often joined by unknown marks on the neck that suggest puncture wounds and outright cattle mutilations have been demonstrably shown to have taken place under at the very least suspicious circumstances.

Of course there’s also the fact that so many massive animal die offs have been happening worldwide.  And while the suggestion that fireworks could have startled a flock of several thousand birds to death may be acceptable in some circles, that’s certainly not going to fly with this mysterious incident.

At least many are saying it’s mysterious or at least suspicious.  Others are going with the official explanation: that all 200 cows were killed overnight by a virus known as IBR/BVD according to the veterinarians involved in the case.  Of course this isn’t the official explanation just yet, as the cattle are being investigated, but the Portage County Sherriff has been told this is the case.

Meanwhile, as the final test results are being published, the cause is still being speculated on.  The IBR virus is indeed something that can kill up to 200 and even more cattle, but could it do so overnight?  Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis kills by infecting the lungs and nasal passageways.  It’s unknown how big the herd of cattle was, so it’s difficult to track just how fatal the disease was to the cattle.  If the herd had been much larger, the idea of IBR virus seems to be far more believable than if an entire herd of cattle were to be killed in less than twelve hours.

But there’s certainly a point to this that bears mentioning.  If it had not been for the massive amounts of bird deaths and others, I find myself wondering if this would even be news in the paranormal community.  If 200 cattle were to mysteriously die overnight, it would certainly be county news and perhaps even statewide news, but national and international attention would not be reaching this small town due to the incident if it hadn’t been for the fact that this infectious strain of “mass die off” fever hadn’t become pandemic.

Of course it would also be more comforting if the mass die offs stopped appearing every other day because they simply weren’t happening.