Massive Mutant Crocodile Reported in Oz

Reports of a massive 24 foot crocodile have been reported in the land down under by one pastor who believes the massive monster could be one of the largest on record ever witnessed, dwarfing most crocodiles which reach lengths of only slightly over half of that size on average.  Massive crocodiles such as this are not unheard of, but this one in particular is still a matter of hot debate.

The creature’s very existence is being as hotly contested as any number of cryptids.  The investigation is currently being spearheaded by Pastor Elton Thompson who says he hasn’t seen the mutant crocodile himself, but he has seen the tracks and body imprint left behind it in the mud.  The tracks, when measured, were certainly larger than normal, measuring almost a foot in diameter a piece and with a massive stride far larger than anything recorded before.

Crocodiles of unusual sizes are certainly not unknown in the Australian town where this latest monster was reported.  One of the previous largest crocodiles was reported in the 1950’s when it was shot and killed.  The creature was said to be almost 26 feet long, and capable of swallowing a full grown adult whole.  Massive crocodile stories have since then hit the silver screen with particular attention paid to Australia.  And now it seems it wasn’t the only one.  The recent string of sightings first came about last Wednesday when the new tracks were first spotted.  The tracks have since then been supplemented with witnesses coming forward reportedly having seen the massive creature with their own eyes lurking in a nearby river.

Is it possible something in the water is causing these crocs to grow to incredible sizes?  To suggest such a creature is a mutation isn’t necessarily true if the strain of crocs have been living near the village for several generations.  Such a race of massive crocodiles could in fact be the early stages of a new species emerging.  But this sighting isn’t alone.  In the past year there have been many reports of incredible crocodiles to come out from all over the world including reports of a 13 foot crocodile killed in Texas and once thought to be an urban legend.

Currently the largest crocodile on record ever reported was the Bay of Bengal creature which measured at 33 feet.  It appears the current reports coming out of Australia certainly don’t necessarily threaten the current record holder, or even come in for close second.  Still, with so many enormous crocodiles appearing in such a small area, are we looking at a family of giants that occasionally migrate toward civilization?  Will more reports soon follow?  And if so, will we eventually find ourselves staring the possibility in the face that there could be something very unusual going on with the genetics of these creatures in the area around Queensland’s Gulf Country and Normanton?

If a genetic mutation has caused a new breed of massive crocs, it seems it is on the verge of discovery.