Mathematical Look At The Fourth Dimension

Some ask, what is the fourth dimension? People often look for an easy answer, But truth be told, the fourth dimension is so vast, and so complex, all the words in the world wouldn’t paint a clear picture.

The fourth dimension should hold all the key variables as today, but it’s expansion will defy reality as it is perceived.

To better understand the fourth dimension, it is best to use mathematical analogies.  Mathematics dictates how planets rotate, life forms, and time progresses.  All matter is governed by mathematical certainties.  It isn’t a coincidence that all known planets are spheres, and orbits are elliptical patterns.  Infact, patterns are what makes us exist.  Every day the sun comes up, and every day it sets.

Lets take a look at the mathematical layout of the dimensional realms.

 1st dimension– Straight Line (Just Length). In the first dimension, there is no width or depth. You just need one variable point to pinpoint a target.

2nd dimension– Square (length and width). In the square example, you have length and width.  Now you need 2 variables to pinpoint a target. (example) Longitude and latitude will determine any place on a map.

3rd dimension– Cube (length, width, and depth). The reality we live in now is third dimensional.  Mathematically, this means we now have 3 variables to pinpoint a target.

4th dimension– ? Hypercube (exact dimensions unknown).  Mathematics suggests a cube within a cube will be our next evolutionary jump.  Many constraints will be lifted, and the merge is said to be happening already.

This is of course a crude way of describing the dimensional realms, but in this unique topic, comparison is the only justified explanation.