Mind frequencies, communicate with your alter ego


Marinus Berghuis ( [email protected] )
Sun, 03 Jan 1999 19:48:36 +1300 Marc,

Hear Hear !!!


Cannot help, but you are talking in super mind frequencies, many people
have tried because this would enable one to communicate with your alter ego.
There are freak conditions like stressed fault lines which make t.v
screens susceptable to so called ghost images while not switched on. These
conditions occur only when certain sun angles are favourable plus not to
forget the earth radiation patterns present in certain locations
only.(Visions of the past also occur in those windows.)

U.F.O activity is most prevalent just before or after major earth mantle
Now wether this activity is intelligently controlled or just earth
radiation phenomina I don’t know.
I lived for 2 years right on the centre of a vulcano and can tell you it
scared the pants off me at times.

You are right of course, I am trying to retrieve my book called Secrets of
Atland. This gives drawings of orgone energy accumulators.Although
archeologists translate them as religious objects.
Unfortunately the energies generated by them do not answer to our physical
time continuum but deal with the borderland which is that area where the
3rd and 4th dimension meet. (see Bruce Cathie’s explanation why harmonics
play a big role in the transformation of matter.)which where used for
with other civilisations in space.(mind to mind direct)
You mention the speed of light and the braking effect through matter.
The 4th dimension part of the cycle does not recognise our existance just
as we don’t recognise theirs giving rise to unrestricted speed of light and
hence matter through either. The cycle of the electron appears to be a
double spiral which gives one full turn here and an anti turn over there
but the size of the spiral is not necessarily the same! So a double spiral
is performed and this is also the reason why we observe the electron as a
particle and a wave.
The particle is us and the wave makes it disappear from view to return for
us as a particle.
4th dimension beings do go through walls because they do not perceive them
and we go through the 4th dimension for the same reason. However the
borderland under freak conditions makes both visible and physical to each
other . If we can generate those conditions, we have instant mental
communication through space for any distance and also an unlimited supply
of free energy.

I read many years ago that Wilhelm Reich dug a hole and covered it with
various layers of metal bearing rocks and organic material after the
pattern of ancient structures found in Great Britain but found the levels
of radiation dangerous if not of the right frame of mind.Which suggests
that earthy types like me would probably fry their brain.The radiation
would be vacuum energy !!
I also built a small pyramid and spent some hours under it to find that
after a few minutes in there, the mind saw light but am sure not with your
eyes. The whole area became a greenish tinted effect where you could see
your limbs but not as you normally see them.
This is a bit removed from the question but deals with the frequencies
To get an insight into some of it, read the Celestine prophesy and the 10th
insight. this being most probably the clearest explanation although woven
into a fictional story.
Speed of light depends on gravitational tension around the outer mantle of
the earth which includes to atmosphere until it becomes vaccuum.I
understand science in general disregards the atmosphere as being part of
the equation. However mother earth is larger than we think.
Also gravity is not what we think it is?
Remember the mineshaft experiment? wires 4 km down into mineshafts did not
converge at the bottom, they converged at the top, From memory the centre
of gravity is 8 km up from the surface ?


Thank you, there is a flycircuit on the keely pages giving you the values.
to use for a converter from 12 volt.
Caduceus coil. (Hubbart’ experiment perhaps wound in octagonal configuration.)
I am most interested in this and the information is rather sketchy as it
only shows experiments on a carbon rod.
I am trying it on another experiment but it needs very careful placing when
winding your coil.
If the information is correct, This coil would resonate everywhere at
whatever frequency and may also be the answer for Lars’s friend.

All for now folks!


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