Mitar Tarabich’s Prophecies

Mitar Tarabich was a Serbian farmer living in the 19th century. He predicted many events with great precision occurring in the 20th century and now. Most of his predictions have already been realized. It is the best prophet which have ever been studied. It makes us believe that his predictions for our future have great chance to happen. Mitar Tarabich was born in 1829 and died in 1899 living in a small farmer village called Kremna. He gave his predictions about the future to his uncle, the priest Zaharije Zaharich who then wrote these conversations on paper. The book have been kept generation after generation. Only some part have been burnt during an accidental fire. These predictions, due to their validity have been called “the black prophecies” by Serbians.

His first prophecy was about the war against Turkey (the Ottoman empire) done by an alliance between Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria and Montenegro. He guessed the exact number of allies as well as to which river Serbia territory extended after the war: the river Lim. He also predicted the first world war calling it the Great War (name still used nowadays by European countries). Furthermore, he predicted the death of his uncle. He was correct about the year and he also announced the death of the uncle’s children and he was completely accurate.

He didn’t stop there, he also predicted the second world war an the social tendencies of Serbia between the two war. He guessed that there will be separation among people and a civil war will explode between the different ethnicity inside Serbia. He predicted the creation of Yugoslavia as well as the escape of its king Petar after the Nazi came into Europe.

He then knew that Tito will come on a white horse and save the country and will be able to reunified Yugoslavia in peace. Furthermore, he also said that it will be the end of Yugoslavia after the second world war. He was again correct. Before it, he announced that Yugoslavia will know an economic and social growth. He saw the futuristic technologies such as plane and cars. He then described the cold war and the emergence of new countries due to their wish of independence all over the world.

All of his prophecies were correct in the details. In the future, he predicted that scientists will become more and more fool and that they will try to be like god. At the same time, people will become more aware of their spirituality. But it will be too late for most of us. Many illness will appear . The only chance for humans will be to hide themselves in mountains. Only few will survive! And then, peace will come.