Moon Photo Raises “Moonbase” Questions

It’s long been a fantasy and a theory of people worldwide for decades.  What if humans or some other race of beings somehow were using the moon as a base of operations?  And now a recent photo has raised several questions among those who believe the US or some other world (or off-world) power may be using the moon as a base of operations.  The pictures were taken from Google and suggest a series of rowed structures that look almost like a garden in a grid pattern.  But the sizes of the structures we’re looking at are most likely far larger than any ordinary garden.  Could a moon-base really exist on the Lunar surface?

The images depict nine structures that stretch out into the distance being approximately 30 feet in length and having a number of what appear to be ridges on them or formations.  But while it appears to be a fairly blurry representation of some sort of operation on the moon, if you look over to the side of the image it becomes apparent that the structures are more likely a simple pixelation error on the images.  Google images such as these can be seen in several areas even on its wildly popular Google Earth.  But others, such as Steven Dean have suggested it may be something more.

The moon has always been an incredibly compelling point of interest for those tending to believe that the world around us is not as it seems to the average person in the world.  Of all the bodies surrounding our Sun, few have been written about in both science fiction and poetry more than the moon aside from possibly Mars.  So when the idea of a moon base suddenly arises, and evidence of that base comes in the form of unintentionally taken photographs, it seems like the perfect excuse to expound on the possibilities for the future or even the present.

And though this moon base photo may have a mundane explanation are there places such structures could exist where they couldn’t be seen from Earth or by orbiting satellites?  In fact, there are.

In the Northern pole of the moon there are several rocky formations where the light of day never reaches.  There are several craters, some of adequate size to fit permanent installations in which the sun’s rays have never penetrated.  And though the far side of the moon is typically referred incorrectly to the “dark side” (since the sun’s rays do regularly shine on this far side as well) there is a side of the moon that is always facing away from the Earth as it rotates in a synchronized fashion to how it orbits the Earth.  This far side of the moon, which never sees the Earth is likely a primary candidate for an interesting moon base.

But who would build such a base?  With our current known level of technology, such an endeavor would be impossible to keep secret.  But it has been suggested that with secret superior technology, or with the assistance of some outside force, it is certainly not beyond the realm of possibility.