More Sea Birds Not Breeding This Year

Scottish seabirds aren’t breeding this year in the UK.  It has been reported that hunderds of thousands of sea birds left their nests, and will not have babies this year.

This news comes months after the HUGE announcement that the Pelican species Vanished.

Global Warming seems to be the first accused in this unpredictable situation.  Scientists have recorded the number of Sea Birds decrease gradually in recent years, but this year have completely collapsed.

As it seems, Birds rely on the Earths Magnetism and universal direction to guide them on their seasonal travels.  One possible answer to this mystery can be that the Earths magnetic field is decreasing, making it harder for birds to detect which direction to go.

Sofar, the missing bird reports, over the last few months, suggest only Ocean Flying birds are affected. Pelicans, Seagulls, and Various Ocean Birds.  Some are arguing, that possibly these sea birds are a warning of Terrible things to come.

This may be one of the first signs that massive change is approaching. Perhaps the birds are just the beginning.