Mysteries Of The Lost Ark


No ancient relic causes so much controversy as the Ark of the Covenant.  The subject of Spielberg’s film ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, featuring the intrepid Indiana Jones does not exaggerate the passions the mystery entails.

Believed to have been constructed from acacia wood by Moses on Mount Sinai about 1250BC, the wooden chest is overlain with solid gold on both the inside and outside.  3ft 9in long and 2ft 3in wide and high, it has a lid of solid gold with a pair of cherubim.  Gold rings attached to the Ark’s sides allow poles to pass through to be carried.

According to the biblical account the Ark contained the two tables of the law (the ten commandments).  These are called the “testimony”, so the Ark is known as “the Ark of the Testimony”.  When carried, the Ark was always wrapped in a veil, in tachash skins (the identity of this animal is uncertain), and a blue cloth, and was carefully concealed, even from the eyes of the men who carried it.

Moses Meets the Aliens

Exodus, Chapter 25, relates the creation of the Ark of the Covenant, as per the Lord’s exact instructions.  Looking at these precise instructions now, it seems as if God is describing the process used to make a crude two way communication device producing a charge of several hundreds of volts.  Why would the Lord need to build a communication set if, as we are taught, he is everywhere and knows everything?  It seems as if God needed to pass down instructions to Moses, and thought the easiest manner was by means of a radio set.

‘And they shall make an Ark of shittim wood, two cubits and a half shall be the length thereof, and a cubit and a half the breadth thereof, and a cubit and a half the height thereof.  ‘And thou shalt overlay it with pure gold, within and without shalt thou overlay it, and shalt make upon it a crown of gold around and all about.’

If of the Gold plates is positively charged and one is negatively charged together they would form a condenser.  Something you need if you want to build a radio.  If one of the cherubim’s positioned above the lid acts as a magnet, then you have the rudimentary requirements of a speaker.  Could it be, that the lost Ark of the Covenant was in reality a radio device? 

It turns out that none other than Nikola Tesla could provide the proof.  In his historical survey of man’s achievement in exploring secrets of electricity entitled “A Fairytale of Electricity”, which was published on September 9, 1915 Tesla had this to say about Moses and the Ark:

 “…Moses was undoubtedly a practical and skillful electrician far in advance of his time. The Bible describes precisely, and minutely, arrangements constituting a machine in which electricity was generated by friction of air against silk curtains, and stored in a box constructed like a condenser. It is very plausible to assume that the sons of Aaron were killed by a high-tension discharge, and that the vestal fires of the Romans were electrical…”

The materials that the Ark was constructed of, and the manner in which they were combined support the theory that the Ark was an electrical conductor. Gold, on the exterior of the Ark is a powerful electrical conductor, wood – just below the Gold is an excellent insulator.  The Ark has two gold Cherubim on its conductive lid, creating a double configuration in which one cherubim would be connected to the negative layer, the other to the inner, positive one, isolated from the outer layer. The cherubim acted as positive and negative terminals.

So, the Ark was an ancient piece of electronic communications gear?  No wonder Indy had to fight the Nazis so vigorously for it!