Mysterious Boxes Washing Up on West Coast

Last Updated on November 30, 2020 by admin

Enigmas are always strangest when they’re attached to an object that’s either discovered out of place or one that shows up seemingly out of nowhere.  And this mystery is almost always compounded during times rife with uncertainty or historical precedent.  And now as December of 2012 looms on the horizon a series of mystery boxes have been reported washing up along the shores of the west coast.  Are these boxes clues to some enigma slowly emerging from the sea?  They have been reported all up and down the Oregon coast with more being reported appearing now to the East.

The story comes from Huliq article from writer Dave Masko.  The boxes apparently made dogs nervous as they passed by and were spotted up and down the Oregon coast amid a UFO wave reported during the same period.  But while some are proposing that the objects could be in some way related to the UFO phenomenon a number of questions have arisen that may help solve the mystery.

The first explanation that comes to mind involves the 2011 Japanese Tsunami.  Amid fears of a nuclear meltdown in progress and the subsequent securing of personal effects after homes were washed away with the belongings inside.  But how could a metal box be floating on the water?  Actually, surprisingly enough several such safes were collected by police in the aftermath of the tsunami with a number of them still containing the personal belongings of the flood victims inside.  While it seems metal boxes should be too heavy to float on water, several of the safes had been designed with coastal regions affected by tsunamis in mind.  Shipwrecks and other maritime disasters were also factored into the possibility of these water tight floating safes.

You may recall in April of 2011 when we shared a story of thousands of these safes being stacked in police stations and parking garages, each containing a mystery and a bureaucratic nightmare as no one was sure just what was to be done with them.  It stands to reason that not all of the safes may have been gathered.  Is it possible, then, that these metal boxes washing up on the shores of America’s west coast are the same after floating on the North Pacific ocean for nearly a year?

One of the biggest factors that would help in finally cracking this mystery would be detailed information on the locations of the safes and how they compared with other debris being sighted that appeared to have come from the field washed away from Japan.  Something as simple as the debris location in comparison to the high tide line would go a long way toward either confirming or refuting the possibility that these objects were carried on the ocean rather than being dropped there.  The boxes are allegedly partially buried, possibly obscuring their more safe-like features, but also not guaranteeing these features are present.

The safe explanation seems tempting enough a theory.  On the other hand, there are other factors involved that seem to require further analysis.  For instance, those who uncovered several of the boxes reported hearing a mysterious whining siren-like sound just prior to finding them in the area.  And then there is the reputation of Stone Beach as a mysterious locale.  Perhaps the only way to find out what these strange boxes contain is to try to open one up.