Mysterious Creature Terrorizing Buckshaw Village

A mysterious creature has been terrorizing villagers in a small village named Buckshaw in Lancashire.  The creature was first sighted a few months before the big freeze swept across Lancashire, giving many reason to speculate that the creature may have been some sort of wild boar that had been forced to move into the village to escape harsh weather conditions and seek out food.  Still others say it couldn’t possibly be a boar since it has killed at least three deer.

One resident of the village named Shelley, allegedly was summoned to their window to view a creature sniffing around inside the garbage.  The resident was understandably upset by the mess making monster and went out behind their house to investigate why their two Alsatians were not barking at the creature.  The dogs were cowering behind cover, and would not come out until hours after the creature had gone.  Many speculate it was the scent of the creature alone that set off the panic attack in the dogs, which many are using as evidence against the boar theory.  The dogs were ex-police dogs, Shelley told reporters, and were not known to be terrified by much.

Another resident posted on an internet forum that the creature looked like a spotted hyena.  They said it had a dark shape to it as it knocked over trash cans and dragged garbage throughout a nearby garden in its desperate attempt to acquire enough nourishment to keep it warm through the winter.

Others speculate that the creature must be a wolf of some sort, making many believe the creature may be a stray dog that ran away.  Others who have seen the creature up close say it’s half cat and half boar from the looks of it.  Regardless, an image of the creature was posted on one internet forum, and from the looks of it, the legs are far too long for it to be a boar.  Others are saying it’s a blurry picture, and hardly worth hinging the entire controversy on.  And the image is indeed impossible to make out any more than a blurry figure surrounded by lines that could be extended legs or merely shadowed blades of grass giving the impression of long legs.

A nearby expert from Chipping Wild Boar park, Chris Bailey, said it was unlikely a boar would kill deer, but not beyond the realm of possibility.  Those who have seen the creature walking the streets at night haven’t approached it as it doesn’t seem afraid of people.  The story is similar to other stories of similar attacks throughout the world of dog-like creatures that don’t seem to have any compunctions about killing livestock and pets, but cannot be identified.  Thankfully, this creature hasn’t killed anyone’s pets as far as residents can tell, but many are double checking to make sure their doors are locked and their animals secured behind sturdy fences.  Perhaps as the weather warms this creature, whatever it may be, will return to the wild.  In the mean time, it remains unexplainable to frightened and perplexed residents.