Mysterious Cryptid Killing Sheep

A mysterious creature spotted and even videotaped around the small area of Hereford in England.  The creature has been spotted lurking around the countryside near livestock, and many residents are wondering if the creatures insatiable appetite will be satisfied with mere livestock, or if they will be next on the menu.  An obsidian feline is stalking the farmland around Herefordshire.

It all began when the Herefordshire Times reported a mysterious creature spotted around the area a little over a week ago.  The creature was soon followed by an unusual phone call by one Pauline Mannon.  The cause?  Two of her sheep had been killed under mysterious circumstances by a large unknown predator.  Prior to that, in November two more had been killed under similar circumstances near Newtonian Crossroads.  Raising horses as well as sheep, Mrs. Mannon is considering relocating them or increasing the security to the stables as this unknown creature stalks from farm to farm seeming to pick up an easy meal wherever one can be discovered.  Mrs. Mannon, suspicious at first of the big cat explanation, admits she has no additional explanation.  “Perhaps there really are big cats out there,” she told one local newspaper.  It seems the circumstances have, at least for now, turned Mrs. Mannon into a believer.

The RSPCA press officer Judith Hall made a statement in regard to the killings, declaring that there was no evidence to suggest big cats were roaming the area, and that there had to be a more conventional explanation for the killings.  She did go on, however, to say that if one should encounter a big cat, that they should stay away from it and contact the police immediately.  She also said, that though the predator is not necessarily a big cat, that residents should take extra precautions by putting guinea pigs, fowl, and other livestock in cages or places where no predator (not even a big cat) will be able to catch them.

Some residents around the area are taking extra precautions, locking their doors, and keeping an eye out for the mysterious creature.  One resident pointed out that it could have escaped from a circus or possibly even an unlicensed exotic pet owner.  Still others have another explanation, pointing out how big cats are often sighted around other paranormal phenomena and are in themselves often reported as cryptids throughout the world.  The black cat is particularly mysterious since it is no single species, but rather a stage of development that many species of big cat undergo.

Often big black cats are sighted in or around UFOs, sometimes even reported by abductees as being present in the room.  They are the feline equivalent, it seems, to Bigfoot and share many traits to the strange hominid.  These creatures are known to even, according to some traditions of folklore, be able to shift their shape, letting claws become fingers and fangs become human teeth and vice versa.  Is the black cat merely a figment of the collective imagination of those in Herefordshire?  If so, they’re in good and abundant company.