Mysterious Planes Terrorize Residents

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Strange planes flying low over Waterlooville are being described as being so low they sound like they’re going to land on the roofs of the houses.  Several residents are describing being very terrified by the strange and mysterious craft in the middle of the night and suggest the planes are so low it seems like they’re going to crash into their houses.  Still, it seems like no one from the top to the bottom of the chain of command of any aviation related authority have any idea where the planes are hailing from or where they’re going.

The United Kingdom is no stranger to mystery, but when planes from places unknown started flying low over houses at all hours of the night, many in aviation suggested it was various other organizations who were responsible.  And yet even now as the planes are still throttling over houses in the middle of the night no one seems to have the answers of where they are coming from or where they are going.  And while these unidentified flying objects seem to be of Earthly origin, their unexplainable nature has left many questioning what they are really and where they come from – not to mention where they are going.

Is it possible these planes are designed to move along a private low flight path in order to avoid national radar, which sweeps through the area?  Or is this simply an administrative issue that has not yet reached the public’s eye?  Either way, with residents waking up at all hours of the night, it seems there’s no shortage of mysteries in the middle of the night and in the middle of this densely populated area.  It seems there’s no shortage of questions, but perhaps the most perplexing issue is the severe lack of answers from anyone.  No one seems to know where these planes come from.

The idea of unexplainable or unidentified planes making their way through the skies is certainly no stranger to those who follow the UFO phenomenon.  There is even a theory amongst UFOlogists that some planes may actually “cloak” themselves by resembling aircraft of terrestrial origins.  But if this were the case, wouldn’t it be easier to simply cloak in a way that looks to viewers on the ground to be simply invisible?  Still with reports coming in of aircraft hovering in place that clearly look like planes, many witnesses have clearly come across something strange going on in the skies.

In Marion, Illinois, one witness submitted a report to the Mutual UFO Network that they witnessed a B-52 bomber hovering in place soundlessly above a residential neighborhood.  And while this report was nothing more than an eyewitness report, there have been hundreds of others like it submitted to MUFON over the course of the past few years.  And as these mysteries entrench themselves ever deeper in our subconscious, the planes over Waterlooville will continue to move on through the skies unhindered by the fact that they are to many witnesses and authorities entirely unexplainable.