Mysterious Russian Monster Kills Again

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A rumor is circulating in Russia and rippling across the whole world as yet another account of a fisherman being taken by a mystery creature is coming to light.  The strange creature has been sighted yet again and is known to locals only as the Lake Chany Monster.  It has been compared to the Loch Ness Monster, but with one major difference: This creature is said to actually kill.

The most recent account has come out just as one victim, a man aged 59 was dragged into the water and never seen again.  The creature is said to stalk the waters in search of food, and has been known to target fishermen in desperate times.  And now it has been given a new name, “Nesski” as the Russian counterpart to Nessie.  It’s said to have a head comparably small to its body and bear many striking similarities to its counterpart in Loch Ness.  And fishermen around the region of Novosibirsk have been known to spin many tales, but some of the most feared are those surrounding this mysterious and deadly creature.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, fisherman Vladimir Golishev recounted the horrifying ordeal.  He had been with his fishing companion no further than 300 yards from the shore when suddenly they got a bite on the reel.  Something massive pulled with a tremendous power unlike anything they had seen previously and actually capsized the entire boat they were on.  The fishermen both tried to swim to safety, but as Golishev reached the shore he couldn’t find his friend anywhere.  In the bitter cold it wasn’t clear how long his friend could survive.  The missing man was never recovered.

Tales of supernatural entities causing injury or even death to human beings may be rare in the western world, but in Russia there are several cases of contact with the other side resulting in death or injury.  In the Ural Mountain range, an infamous case that would forever be known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident made headlines as a group of hikers were found dead by unknown causes, but with several witnesses from afar reporting mysterious lights hovering over the area.  Similarly a missing girl in the same region as recently as 2009 was reported as being chased by mysterious bright lights before disappearing and never being seen again.  The strange incidents coming out of Russia paint a grim picture that the supernatural there is far more active and capable of acting violently than it generally is here.  And Lake Chany seems to be a focal point of this activity.  To date the lake has claimed at least 19 lives since 2007, though fishermen have said as many as a hundred have actually lost their lives as a result of the mysterious monster.  Currently fishermen are demanding authorities take a look at the area to determine the nature of this mysterious creature.  So far there is no official word on whether an investigation will take place.  And the other question seems clear enough.  If authorities do discover something lurking in the icy waters of the Chany, what will be done about it?