Mysterious Subterranean Tunnel Discovered Beneath Ancient Temple

A mysterious tunnel discovered beneath the Temple of the Snake in Mexico has set the archaeological community ablaze with controversy.  The tunnel, which some experts are suggesting could be a burial chamber could be -according to researchers- one of the most significant archaeological finds of the century.  And yet still others are speculating that the story of this temple goes beyond anything we’ve previously encountered.  And of course this discovery comes to us just as 2012 approaches and the Mayan calendar is about to enter its end game.

As humanity prepares to enter Unity Consciousness with the 9th wave, there is already a great deal of attention being paid to all ancient civilizations.  What did they know then that we do not know now?  What hidden mysteries remain hidden from the public eye?  And why would such an incredible discovery wait until now?

The tunnels, discovered beneath the Temple of the Snake were not even suspected until a team of scientists looking deep underground with radar found them just this week.  It’s interesting to think the tunnels were a mere 15 yards from some heavily traveled footpaths and yet still may contain one of the most interesting secrets of the century.  Archaeologists have already declared it potentially one of the greatest discoveries of the century.  The temple, located in Teotihuacan, is still being studied for its use and history.

While some are declaring it the find of the century, others are still a bit more reticent with their projections of what will be found there.  The discovery certainly does come at a time when interest in ancient Mesoamerican civilizations is at an all time high, with expectations for it to be exceeded only in 2012 as the date of the Mayan calendar approaches.

So what could be housed in this ancient chamber?  A few strange theories have come up as well.  Everything from an ancient saucer craft to the remains of a long lost treasure have been proposed.  And there are some who even suggest the temple may be the final resting place of the final missing crystal skull – though others contend this was found in Germany earlier in 2011.

The discovery is sure to make some headlines in the near future, however.  One of the most interesting elements of this story is in the hidden temple being completely sealed.  So often when archaeologists discover an ancient room or chamber such as this they are left with only the remains left behind by previous explorers, looters, and even the kingdoms themselves as they rose and fell.  The discovery of such an ancient room that was so completely secret suggests that maybe even ancient tomb robbers would not have had the opportunity to breach its walls.  And so the tomb may be the most genuine snapshot of this wondrous ancient society to date.