Mysterious Transmissions from RAF Base

The radio at the Montrose Air Station certainly saw its share of action in its time.  And like the station, there is an old radio in the former air station made museum.  The mysterious device is not plugged in and has not been working for years.  And yet somehow it’s receiving radio transmissions not only well beyond what it should be able to with most of its components stripped, but also receiving them from beyond time itself.

The strange radio is a Pye wireless, bought from a third party as a prop in the museum.  It is not plugged in, and the components within it are not in working order.  Those in charge of keeping the museum suggest if it were actually turned on it would burst into flames due to the cobwebs and spiders within it.  And yet several witnesses who have been in the same room as the Pye wireless claim to hear the sounds of Glenn Miller’s orchestra and other broadcasts that would have been played over the radio at the time.  As it sits on a shelf with its once flickering diodes now entombed within its lifeless shell amid relics of a time of war, this once proud cutting edge piece of technology seems to be once again the source of attention as it plays music most today would only recognize from old war films and documentaries.

And it’s not just the radio that appears to be haunting the Montrose Air Station.  Visitors there report hearing strange noises, witnessing apparitions that could not possibly be there in mid-war regalia, and various other stories that suggest the air base is haunted by the ghosts from one of the world’s most bloody times.  When looking at the long list of sightings, however, they go back even further to a time before the war when the airbase was far smaller.  The museum staff, many of them once skeptical, are reviewing their beliefs once again in the wake of the strange occurrences and this latest one that seems to defy any logical explanation.

One fact about radio operation that a few of the more die-hard skeptics are proposing is that the radio could by chance be picking up broadcasts if they were transmitted just right and were from an incredibly powerful nearby source.  Seeing that there is no known source to the mysterious broadcasts, the only possibility would be if there were a specific localized source transmitting from within the premises.  Of course there are those who suggest this is unlikely, as the transmissions would be picked up elsewhere as well and nowhere in the area, with all the radios near the air base has there been any other transmission received from Glen Miller or the news bulletins broadcast.  In addition, this would require that the radio itself be in working order.  There is a device known as a “crystal radio” which can pick up radio transmissions even if there is no power source attached and give off a faint signal if it is tuned correctly.  Given the old age of the Pye wireless, and the mixed up components within, is it possible it could be acting as a crystal radio?  Of course this only would explain part of the mystery.  There is still no way of knowing where the transmissions themselves could be coming from.  Could it be another time?  Or is the source actually somehow pushing through another reality?