Mysterious Water Creature Turns Out to be Fish Shoal

A mysterious writhing mass that appeared initially by witnesses to be a single living organism soon turned out to be a shoal of sardines of the coast of Aculpoco.  Witnesses who first spotted the odd mass said at first it looked like an oil slick, but then noticed it seemed to move as if alive.  Upon closer inspection they learned the shape was not one organism, but rather thousands of tiny sardines and other fish massing suddenly in one area.  And some have suggested there may be a link between this mysterious behavior and the tremendous Earthquake that shook Japan.

Fishermen grabbed their nets and onlookers swarmed the massive shoal as experts found themselves scratching their heads over the strange development.  In addition to scores of sardines, there were mackerel, striped bass, and anchovies.  The fish appeared to be moving together in one large tightly packed shoal that could be seen from the air.  The fish were so tightly packed together that fishermen allegedly were able to just row out and scoop them up with their bare hands.

But while it looked to some like a massive boon, others weren’t so sure.  In the wake of the massive Earthquakes worldwide and the possible connection between these and strange animal behavior, a few witnesses were concerned when they saw the incredible display unfolding before them.  And since the news hit the Internet there have been many predictions that a massive Earthquake either in the area or somewhere along the fish’s normal swimming grounds, causing them to seek solace closer to the shore and in massive numbers.

Doomsday watchers have declared the mass appearance evidence of a turbulent and ever changing time ahead, but geologists are a bit more hesitant to draw a connection, stating in an interview with the Daily Mail that the massive numbers of fish and the recent Tsunami and Earthquake could be difficult dots to connect to one another.

But even if it leaves a mystery behind, several locals don’t seem to mind.  After descending on the beach, the fishermen reported it was one of the most bounteous days of fishing in years.

And there is another theory, suggesting the strange behavior of the fish could somehow be related to the mass die offs reported worldwide in the first few months of 2011 since January 1st saw a mass bird die off in Arkansas on New Year’s Eve.  Why are creatures in the wild acting so strangely?  And could the connection made between strange animal behavior and seismic events be somehow made allowing future scientists to give people more warning of an impending disaster?  When the variable is thousands of fish, it may be some time before we know the truth.