Mysterious Werewolf Bunker Claims Spotlight as Memorial Approaches

In the throes of World War II, the Nazi war machine drafted plans to create a top secret facility as a command bunker and possible research center.  But as the Nazi grip on Russia loosened, the site located in the Ukraine and known as the “Werewolf Bunker” was abandoned.  It was explored once – and only once by soviet forces who blew up the entrance and left the werewolf bunker a relic to the past.  And so time passed, and the werewolf bunker lay all but forgotten, its secrets still a mystery.  But now it is the center of an intense controversy as planners suggest it become a memorial to the prisoners of war who died in its construction.

The mysterious bunker has been the site of several rumors, including some who suggest it could have contained lost chapters of the history of the Nazi army.  And there are even some say the werewolf bunker was a place of experimentation and any number of lost technologies could be concealed behind the pile of rubble that was left behind when both entrances to it were blown up.

But is there are some who claim that this bunker could one day become an unauthorized site of admirers of the fascist invaders.  Currently the site is just a public area often visited by tourists and locals, but the memorial would put a fence around the area and make it a place to remember the prisoners who died there.  An estimated 14,000 Soviets worked to build the facility and then died.  Its numerous rooms and meandering hallways have been blocked off.  And no one has seen its interior since the entrances were blown decades ago.

And still there are so many who can’t help but wonder what might lie within this incredibly secretive bunker.  How could those who dedicated their lives to so much bloodshed have left such a massive facility with no secrets entombed within.  But the walls are thick, and there are theories of more boobytraps within.  After several decades, it’s theorized that the bunker may still have a few dangers from a different time lurking within.  All attempts to gain entry to this lost bunker have met with failure.

And the rumors don’t end there.  Many visitors to the site have reported seeing, hearing, and feeling an evil presence there.  Though it more often takes the form of rumor than an actual physical entity, there are those who say the interior of the building is haunted by spirits who are continuing an invasion of our realm and serving even darker purposes than its former owners.  Details on what precisely this force is are still sketchy.

And so as the world once again focuses on this site of such misery and pain, it is expected to open in June as a memorial to those who had died on the ground and left behind a troubled and mysterious building.  Werewolf bunker is in some ways more frightening than the creatures of the same name.