Mystery Boom Rocks Seattle

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A mysterious sonic rumbling that has been reported from coast to coast over the course of the past year is now hitting Seattle, where witnesses on the ground have been submitting reports suggesting there is something strange going on in the distance above the city’s suburbs.  Though it sounds very familiar to some, there is still no explanation as to what this sound could be caused by.  And as we look deeper into the mystery of distant sonic booms we realize there might be something larger going on than shaking windows and rattled dishes.

The rumble, which was reported by witnesses in Seattle allegedly unexplainably jostled plates and glasses on the ground inside buildings.  Witnesses looking up noticed no aircraft in the sky and could not place a precise source.  Aircraft have not been ruled out, though there has been no information from the military regarding tests in the area.

Though the event is strange, it is quite similar to a series of incidents that occurred weeks ago in Tallahassee, Florida.  The boom in this case was recorded on camera as having come from an unknown distant location in the sky during a thunderstorm.  The event, which was captured on film clearly shows a distant rumbling emanating from the distance like a foreboding massive thunderstorm.  But unlike a thunderstorm, this rumbling sound is accompanied by no lightning and lasts for almost 20 minutes before finally disappearing.  The rumbling sound stops almost immediately after a flash of light can be seen lighting up the sky.  The National Weather Service made an announcement on the event, suggesting it was a possible thunderstorm behaving in a very unique way.  The phenomenon still has not been completely explained to the satisfaction of witnesses, however, who videotaped the whole incident.  Altogether 15 counties reported the strange sound at about the same time, though there was no sighting of any known source.

What are these mysterious rumbling sounds that come up seemingly at random around the nation?  What could be causing them?  And are we seeing the emergence of a new phenomenon, or simply one that has not been recorded and explained yet?

There is no shortage to the number of theories proposed in relation to this phenomenon, either.  In addition to extraterrestrial spacecraft and the possibility of super storms with long sustained thunder rolls, there is some talk of a system known as HAARP causing the mysterious sounds as it conducts tests from its remote location in Alaska.  But could something so large and all-encompassing possibly be manmade?  Or is this simply paranoia?  Until the mystery of the sounds is solved, there will continue to be speculation that this system could be causing these strange rumbles in the sky.

In 2009 one such mystery boom was heard in San Diego one Monday afternoon.  At the time the military denied any involvement, but later it was learned a military exercise off the coast could have been the cause.  The exercise was later cited as the official cause of the sound.  To this day many residents are still not so sure.