Mystery Creature Killed, Captured

It sounds perhaps too good to be true for many cryptozoologists in the more skeptical vein, but reports from the Tribune in Argentina suggest that a creature bearing similar features to Ucumar Zupai, the legendary miniature humanoid covered in hair much like a sasquatch, but of considerably smaller size has been captured by farmers near Cerro El Creston.  The story and accompanying pictures are enough to send shivers down the spine of anyone involved in discoverying things that thus far have remained in the realm of mystery.

The hunt was short as the ranchers tracked the creature that had been seen near their farm.  It had been seen by hunters, farmers, and passersby alike for decades, but the creature finally found its end when face to face with the barrel of the ranchers’ guns.  The ranchers, requesting anonymity from El Tribuno to keep their livelihood safe, shared their story with a friend of theirs who shared the story with El Tribuno.  The story was later translated and brought to western attention by the site Inexplicata, which covers cases of paranormal importance in Mexico and South America.

The ranchers were under the impression, according to an account by an eyewitness to the carcass of the creature, that they had been tracking either a puma or some unknown type of goblin as they used flashlights and rifles to hunt it down.  The only feature visible to them was a pair of glowing green eyes which reflected the flashlight beam in an eerie glow.

The account of their grim discovery is not entirely unique among encounters with cryptids.  The hunters had been summoned to the crest of a hill by the mysterious unearthly screech of something they couldn’t quite place.  As they approached, however, a pair of green eyes stared back at them from the darkness.  Terrified, the hunters attempted to scare the creature but for reasons unknown felt compelled to aim the gun directly at it rather than firing the shot into the air.  The creature went down and as they investigated its body, discovered that they had hit it in the head, killing it instantly.  The body was gathered and brought back to their ranch.

Later, when a veterinarian studied the creature they confirmed that its physiology was like nothing seen in the region.  After killing the creature, as the ranchers sat at home they were reportedly terrified of some sort of retribution from the Ucumar mother, as the creature shot was thought to be an infant.  As a result, the head was cut off and the body disposed of in a canyon.

It’s certainly a unique specimen to say the least.  While anthropods are nonexistent in the area, some have speculated that it could have been some sort of deformed chimpanzee that escaped from its owners.  No explanation has been ventured to how the creature got so far into the rancher’s 15 kilometer property line or where exactly the creature could have escaped from.  Furthermore, the green eyes and strange head shape while vaguely apelike appear to be of no known identifiable species according to experts.