Mystery Drug Causes Mass Overdose

A mysterious drug thought to have been the cause of a mass overdose of nine students in Central Washington has yet to be identified after nine students overdosed on the substance.  It is unknown where the substance came from or whether it was purposefully used to bring about an overdose in the nine students or not.  Police Cle Elum police are still investigating the matter after no known drugs were discovered among any of those present.

With the amount of information available around the internet, long gone are the days where the average person was aware of the types of drugs being used.  As we continue into the future, more suppliers are providing new means of creating drugs from simpler and simpler components for medical research means.  But even with this new and to many people terrifying development, is it true that we are becoming an ever increasingly drug addled society?  Or is the perception that drugs should be used for personal recreational use a separate issue?  Regardless, police believe the drugs involved at the party were not for recreational use.

Deputies first arrived at the scene of the party after being directed there by another individual who was suspected of being poisoned by the strange chemical.  As they appeared they discovered several people either unconscious or in a semi-conscious state.  All were suspected of having overdosed on the same unidentified chemical and no other drugs or drugs related paraphernalia were discovered at the scene.  Of course as the matter is being investigated, not all details are available.

Are unidentified mystery drugs truly unexplainable?  Maybe not, but this case does carry the same weight and mystery commonly seen in any good piece on a ghostly apparition or a technological new piece of wizardry.  And while the drugs themselves may be eventually discovered, labeled, and categorized as the next threat, there is a period of time where they like so many things introduced into our society will carry with it an air of mystery.  And what new drugs will we face as the torch is passed to a new generation of youth?  With the creation of ever increasingly technologically advanced ways of manufacturing becoming mainstream will the drug culture one day see another revolution?  And how will law enforcement attempt to keep up?  A possibility raised is the idea of using implants or electronically induced altered states of consciousness not only as a party drug, but as a system used to incapacitate victims such as those seen in military development firms for the purpose of incapacitating enemy troops with the use of microwaves interacting with the human mind.  Is it possible we could one day see recreational use of such technology for more nefarious purposes?  And wit drug incidents arising without explanation, is it possible this future is faster approaching than we once thought?

Scientists have demonstrated through testing implants that will allow rats to draw pleasure comparable to a heroine addict with electrodes implanted in the brain.  Could we one day see a new kind of “junkie” that has a never ending supply?  What temptation will this create for legislatures?