Mystery Missiles Still Making Appearances

Whatever you may think of the mystery of strange aerial phenomena, there has been quite a bit of coverage of so called mystery missiles in the past few months.  In November the devices seemed to be popping up all over the world, each one as enigmatic as the last.  And as the numbers piled up many people proposed everything from military test vehicles to secret satellite launches.  But after a brief lull at the end of December, a new contrail sighting has cropped up that seemingly has no explanation.

The video taken by witnesses shows a single white stripe flying up into the sky and disappearing at a point.  Unlike traditional aircraft, the contrail doesn’t appear to move at all horizontally across the sky, instead favoring a perfectly vertical trajectory into the atmosphere.  But even as this UFO video is being given the silent treatment by a media now more concerned with massive animal die-offs, some are speculating that this is further evidence that seems to vindicate the strange series of missile sightings at the end of last year.  But what is it?

The object appears to be distant, and in the middle of the desert it’s possible it could have gone up without being seen at all.  But witnesses with a cell phone video taped the object as it shot up into the sky and this footage made it to the hands of a news team dedicated to getting the truth on the matter.  As they showed the footage to the world for the first time, the theories behind what it could be quickly started pouring in.

Could it be a military spy plane?  A military test vehicle with the ability to move straight up into the air is nothing new, but the speed, height, and incline seem to suggest a rocket propulsion system.  The fact that it leaves behind a fluffy white contrail could suggest fuel accelerants used in jets and rockets.  If it’s a test vehicle, it is possible its driver could be a computer guidance system, and the passenger intended for it could be a weapons payload.  Missile tests are not generally broadcast and depending on the type of missile may actually violate international treaties.  And therefore, when nations test these weapons it is usually kept under strict secrecy.  But then would such a system be tested during broad daylight?

What about a private rocket system?  It’s no secret that corporations are showing quite a bit of interest in the space program.  And with an increased dependence on GPS systems and satellites, there’s no need to get materials into space than ever.  But why the secrecy?  Would it really be more difficult to simply lie about the cargo onboard the rocket than to build your own and secretly launch it?  And what could warrant such a clandestine operation?  And as with any question when dealing with corporate entities, if there is no profit in it, it’s less likely they would engage in it.

Could a flying saucer be the cause?  Rather than call the object a UFO (it is, after all unidentified and clearly flying) let’s just come right out and ask if the device could be a flying saucer or similar craft of unconventional Earthly origin.  But if this was the case, why would it need to leave a massive contrail behind it?  Witnesses worldwide have seen these objects and reported that they do not leave behind contrails.  In fact, the objects don’t seem to leave behind any evidence of any kind often, and certainly don’t have to use conventional rocket fuel to fly through the air.  At least not as far as we know.  If it was alien in origin, which is admittedly a sort of catch-all theory, why aren’t more of these objects seen leaving behind a plume of smoke when they leave Earth?

So could it be a conventional aircraft viewed at a specific angle making the illusion that it’s a missile?  Look at the video and try to imagine what angle the object would have to be at in order to create an illusion like this.  Then take into consideration that the object was spotted by multiple witnesses from different angles and all could agree on one central fact -that it was entirely unexplainable.