Mystery of the Backwards Radio Station

Ever since the Beatles were first rumored to use back masking to place hidden messages in their songs in 1969, people have started looking at their music in a new light, playing songs backwards and looking for any hidden meaning that may be contained within.  But these fans may be interested to learn of a radio station deep in an undisclosed roaming location throughout the world.  This radio station emits a mysterious and distorted sound that some have said sounds almost like songs being played backwards.  But when you hear it for yourself, you’ll be more than ready to turn it off.  Even those familiar with enigma and numbers stations often find themselves changing the dial – it’s just that creepy.

Some have said the station itself can often be heard on multiple frequencies at different signals, and sometimes the stations seem to work in conjunction suggesting each individual part of the transmission may be nothing more than a puzzle piece to a far more complex puzzle.  Folklore surrounding the signal suggests the transmitter roams from area to area, and has been heard all over the world in multiple locations at once suggesting to radio experts it may not in fact be transmitted through conventional means, but by a previously unknown and mysterious method.  With so many of the transmissions centered around the Naval base in Virginia Beach, some are suggesting it could somehow be related to naval activity.

The main secret that keeps witnesses scratching their heads is the idea that this could be an advanced intercontinental communications system known as LINCOMPEX.  Of course when we hear it on radio it sounds eerie and disturbing, but the system actually uses a series of complex codes to digitally transmit information too sensitive for the general public to intercept.

Of course while theories about the radio station having a military origin abound, there are others suggesting it may not be quite so extraordinary as that, even suggesting a private military or other organization could be involved.  It has even been proposed by theorists claiming insider information that this could have an extraterrestrial origin.  Of course, it seems an obvious enough point to make, even if we were hearing an alien transmission, how would we know what it sounded like?

The most widely reported time when the frequency was discovered was around 2002 and 2003 when people reported seeing it quite a bit throughout the globe.  Another mass reception of it happened in 2006.  The mystery once again returned to the public eye with a Youtube video depicting what the sound was like.  To hear it is something out of an eldritch nightmare fusing the eerie whale song with the mystery of just what it could mean, in the end it seems more sinister than anything else.  But is it truly sinister?  Are all things we simply do not understand inherently from that realm of mystery dedicated to that portion of our consciousness at the edge of the firelight where the civilization of humanity ends and the unknown beyond – and whatever monsters may lurk within it, may reside?  Listen and judge for yourself.

Note: The following video does include fairly disturbing sound.