Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has been a subject of lectures, books, magazines, and films.  But even in all this, information on the reason for its supernatural status seem to focus primarily on the events that have happened there.  What is at the root of the Bermuda Triangle?  Why are there so many paranormal stories surrounding it?  And what would we discover if we looked under the ocean into the deeper recesses of the triangle’s secrets?

The Bermuda Triangle is often thought to be somehow connected to Atlantis.  Many scholars and theorists have suggested the Bermuda Triangle holds within it the secret of the lost city, complete with roads submerged buildings, and an entire culture of advanced technology waiting to be unearthed.  But is there any known technology that could cause the paranormal phenomena that seem to occur there?  And if the technology is not known, then is it a more naturally occurring phenomenon, or could it possibly be related to the unknown technologies often associated with alien craft?

Given the number of anomalous compass readings in the Bermuda Triangle, there has been widespread speculation that the technology involved may have either been magnetic in nature, emitting pulses of long distance magnetic energy or could have a lasting residual effect that is difficult to detect, yet occasionally causes disturbances in aviation controls, altitude perceptions, compass direction, and even the orientation of the pilots and passengers aboard aircraft and ships.  The proposed technology is often similar to a pulp novel of ancient advanced technology.  In fact, many of these tales received their inspiration from tales of the lost city of Atlantis and others like it.  Of course this is the less dramatic of the theories.

A far more dramatic theory is that the lost city of Atlantis still contains working active machinery with people to activate and use it.  With not only a lost city, but an entire lost culture of people it becomes even more sensational.  One theory commonly held in some circles suggests that the citizens of lost Atlantis may have been able to use their technology to survive the city descending beneath the waves, and feeling their city was too precious to abandon, forged a new city and remained there far from the troubles of the surface world.  Such an image is quite popular in media as a lost city completely isolated from all the problems we hold today.  But would such a city, completely isolated for hundreds of years develop its own problems?

Regardless, the Bermuda Triangle’s mysteries will no doubt continue to baffle us until we either find Atlantis or search every bit of ground beneath the ocean we can.  And if we still find nothing, what mysterious events will happen during the search?

With the sky changing color at the drop of a hat, bizarre time and space anomalies, mysterious whirlpools opening up miles in diameter, and radio transmissions from decades ago reported every year in this area there’s no doubt the Bermuda Triangle mystery will continue to trouble mariners for some time.