Mystery Sounds Intensify Around Globe

It seems one of the strangest phenomena to come about in 2012 is the presence of massive mysterious sounds that are breaking out across cities and private residences alike with little explanation as to where they could be coming from or what their purpose could be.  The sounds themselves range from a single tremendous boom to a constant high pitched drone cracking over the horizon.  But what could the cause be of this mysterious activity?  And is it possible we’re looking at a new phenomenon entirely?

Conspiracy theories suggest that the sounds could be caused by anything from the presence of an extraterrestrial object to the use of high frequency experimental devices such as HAARP.  But are all of the incidents related?  And what could the locations of these sounds tell us about their origin?

As we explore the possibilities, let’s take a look at the first recent incident offered up by the residents of Kiev on either side of the Dnieper River in the Ukraine in 2011.  Kiev is a city of a little under three million people, so when the presence of a tremendous droning sound first hit Youtube near one residential neighborhood, it was understandable that some people were looking for answers.  Possible culprits included a well drilling operation that had just begun uploading videos of the operation days later.  As far as official explanations go, it is possible a drilling operation could cause unidentifiable sounds, but it’s curious that the incident was not followed by an official explanation from the drilling company despite the considerably perplexing nature of the phenomenon.  Additionally, it does not explain the further incidents that soon followed.

After the incident in Kiev, visitors to a baseball game in the Tropicana stadium soon described a similar sound breaking this time over the speaker system and filling the stadium with a mysterious howling sound.  As the chilling effect subsided, those in charge began blaming the occurrence on a door left open allowing wind to blow through.  This explanation seems reasonable once again, but with several questions left unanswered.  Foremost, if it is so easy to let a sound such as that break over a stadium’s system, why does it not happen more often?  Why is this the first recorded incident involving a mysterious haunting noise and why did it follow the Kiev incident so closely?

But in 2012 it seems the phenomenon could be described as an epidemic as sounds are once again being described as breaking out all over the world.  A few videos have even come up with oddly similar sounds involved as those heard in Kiev.  Is it possible this is just a massive hoax carried by the wings of Youtube in an age where information comes faster than it could possibly be processed?  Or are we standing face to face with a mystery that demands to be heard?