Mystery Sounds Spread to Wisconsin

The mysterious sounds which have been appearing all over the world and ranged from a deep whining coming from the sky that sounds like twisted metal to a thrumming boom shaking the ground from an unidentified direction have now made an appearance in Wisconsin where witnesses are concerned and looking for answers.  The mystery sounds, which appear to have come again from nowhere are causing a great deal of confusion as more and more conventional explanations are ruled out, and an over-arching mystery spreads all over the world.

The mysterious sounds, which have had multiple witnesses throughout the world from Kiev to Canada range significantly in quantity and quality, but always leave the same thing in their wake – confused witnesses and a slowly growing body of evidence recorded on film and on audio tape.  The Waupaca County town caused Lisa Kuss to break out the tape recorder in an effort to fully capture the awe inspiring mystery of the strange noises in the middle of the night and send them in to WRN the Wisconsin Radio News station.

The sounds, which have appeared before, were previously investigated and virtually all of the conventional explanations locals thought might be responsible were ruled out save for one, which could be a thus far unidentified natural geological phenomenon.  The boom has been likened to everything from cloudless thunder to a distant explosion, none of which appears to actually be the cause.

And of course similar sounds are being reported worldwide since November of 2011 and long before that as well.  A number of unconventional and paranormal theories about these events do exist, including the possibility of possible interference by HAARP the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program located in Alaska.  HAARP has been seen for a number of years as a potential candidate for many conspiracy theories that suggest there may be more to this secretive project than just atmospheric research.  Some have even suggested HAARP could in fact set off Earthquakes by exciting the magnetosphere.

The true interactions between tectonic plates and the magnetosphere is at present still a matter of hot debate.  Others say the same program could do just the opposite, preventing Earthquakes in a country during times of heightened global geological uncertainty.  Another theory about what could be causing the sounds connects the phenomenon with the date December 21st, 2012 – suggesting they could somehow be heralding a coming new age.  Still others suggest it could be increased activity from the sun as it enters a particularly volatile stage.

So what’s causing the mysterious sounds reported globally throughout the world?  And is it connected to the same sounds being heard in Wisconsin?