Nessie or Not?

On July 27th, off the British coast an amateur photographer named Mrs. Gill Pierce spotted and photographed a creature that bears a striking resemblance to sightings of mysterious monsters in waters near there.  Although the creature is certainly unusual there is a battle going on between believers who say it may be the legendary Loch Ness Monster returning after it was long expected to be dead and skeptics who suggest the creature could be nothing more than a simple piece of drifted.  It’s a conflict as old as the earliest photographs suspected to be Nessie.

The witness, Mrs. Pierce, said several fish in the area shortly after the photo was taken beached themselves without explanation.  Presumably it could have been as the fish swam in an attempt to get away from the mystery creature photographed.  There is currently no explanation as to why fish would beach themselves in order to get away.  The creature was first observed around 3:30 in the afternoon and disappeared shortly after being photographed by Mrs. Pierce.  The Daily Mail reports that Mrs. Pierce then quickly made a report to the marine conservation society where several photographic and marine life experts scrutinized the image.  The creature did not seem to Mrs. Pierce to be a sperm whale but despite this several marine biologists are suggesting that the object, too large for traditional driftwood could have possibly been the legendary Loch Ness Monster making an appearance after staying out of the public eye for so long that many Nessie enthusiasts have suggested the creature could be dead or have moved to another aquatic location.  

To date the most famous photograph of Nessie was taken by a doctor as he was visiting but unfortunately it later turned out to be a hoax.  It seems the photograph in question, here is less likely to be an intentional hoax because it is very minimalist and not dramatic, unlike the Robert Wilson photo taken in 1943.  In their interview with Daily Mail, Claire Fisher from the MCS was quoted as saying that they would love to know if any other sightings in the area had happened.  It’s strange to think that in waters that have been frequented for centuries there could be a mystery still lurking somewhere below the surface.  Then again, that is the nature of the Loch Ness Monster mystery and a major part of its mystique.  Whether it is photographs, sonar evidence or a study of the ecology of the Loch, eventually the only thing we ever find is more mystery.