Nest two tetrahedrons and you have the keys to the universe

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The Rule of Nines – Resonant Geometry and the Zero Point

by Joel McClain

“Nest two tetrahedrons and you have the keys to the universe.”

The word “rule” has several different meanings — as a form of law, or as a form of dominion, or as a measuring standard. This text uses the word in all three contexts to define the effect of the supreme chord, the trinity of harmony, in the universe.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, independent researchers began to notice the “anomalous” effects of applying resonance to a controlled experiment. Then, as now, this area of “science” is far from the mainstream. The results of those early experiments, such as the lightning of Tesla and the motors of Keely, have been ignored both as science and as history…at least in America.

Elsewhere, the work of Tesla is revered and has been “amplified” by paid research. With the creation of the Magnetic Resonance Amplifier, or MRA, perhaps history and science will have to take a second look. The theories behind the MRA are the same as those of Tesla, Keely, Russell, Bearden, King and others. The application, however, in a closed-loop ZPE device, takes a sharp turn away from effect and into application.

Look at either a piece of quartz or a magnet, and you are looking at trapped energy. Tap the quartz, and you will get a spark as the electrical potential of the quartz instantaneously jumps. Spin a magnet relative to a coil of wire, and electrical current flows in the wire. How do we extract the power of these materials without the attendant physical energy required to either tap or spin them?

Matter = energy. To convert matter to energy, resonate the matter.

To achieve energy output which is above the energy applied at resonance, use three octaves, and there will be three harmonious notes in each octave, for a total of nine resonant frequencies.

These notes occur naturally when the base frequency applied is three octaves above the magnet’s resonant frequency, and equal to the resonance of the quartz.

In this way, the potential applied to the quartz “taps” it, without the need to use physical force. The result is electrical output. Connect this output to a coil around a magnet, and the domains of the magnet, which comprise a tiny portion of its weight, and which do all of the “work” in a generator, will be forced to spin. This spin is called “virtual rotation”, because it is the spin of energy without the spin of the matter.

However, this is only one application. How can we be sure that the “rule” applies anywhere else, much less universally? We have to go very far back in history to find the answer to this question. It involves PHI, the universal constant, and delves deeply into the construction of earth’s great tetrahedrons.

Nest two tetrahedrons, and put them in an orb, and you have a miniature model of the earth’s magnetic field. Where the “bases” of the tet’s touch the orb, you have the latitudes where all of the ancient pyramids were built. The “top” and “bottom” points are the north and south poles. This shows the naturally occuring magnetic resonance of earth as an “orb” in rotation. Connect lines between the points, and you have a map of the ley lines, which were mapped very accurately thousands of years ago.

Models of the earth as described above have been found in the ruins of every civilization which built pyramids. Earth is, as it must be, a model of the natural harmonic relationship which exists at every level, from the universe itself to the subatomic. The relationships have been understood for a long, long time. This knowledge, and the use of the energy which it can be used to provide, was believed to be the curriculum of “mystery schools” in Egypt and Greece.

If you look at the lattice geometry of silicon or germanium, you will find tetrahedrons. In his famous “ring”, Hans Nieper allowed the silicon of transistors to achieve self-resonance, with the result that the circuit became lower in weight. This implies that resonance may also be the key to countering the effects of gravity, or rather, the effect CALLED gravity, for gravity is an effect, not a force.

Gravity is “suspended” when you cancel the spin of the energy which comprises matter by resonating the matter. By virtually rotating the lattices, the subatomic particle spin virtually stops, like a spinning object seen with a synchronized strobe light. Because gravity is a complex quadrupole effect, when you stop the spin, you lose the effect.

The matter which comprises the quartz and the magnet of the MRA is comprised of cube lattices, each of which is a nested tetrahedron at 45 degrees relative to the polar axis of the molecules. Together in a circuit, there is a 90 degree phase separation, which allows the resonant energy to create the needed harmonics to fully resonate both materials. This is the application of the rule of nines.

It is a standard, THE standard of the geometry of the universe; it is the ruling law of nature; and it is the measuring tool for all electrical and mechanical interaction. If, as some have suggested, the ancient “sacred” knowledge was shared by extraterrestrials to permit the construction of the pyramids, and if, as we have seen, resonance is the key to anti-gravity as well as to free energy, then the tetrahedron has very far reaching implications.