New Evidence: Is Nessie Still Alive?

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Late last year reports that the Loch Ness Sea monster may not in fact still be among the living.  And so of course as the reports slowed to a trickle, a desperate search for credible and compelling Nessie photos began.  Unfortunately, all too many of those searches ended in dead ends.  And so many even diehard cryptozoologists left the mystery, suggesting that whatever Nessie had been was now no more.  But this most recent photograph some are declaring to be Nessie in the flesh, has reignited interest in the phenomenon and given hope to fans of the Loch Ness Monster all over.

The photograph, posted in an article by STV, is said by skeptics to be nothing more than the sun reflecting off the water.  This seems fairly off when you take into consideration the fact that the three humps viewed in the image can be seen reflecting off the water as well.  Judging from the way this reflection bounces off the water, it seems there is actually a very real (albeit unknown) object in the water.  But what could it be?  Richard Preston, who took the photograph, says he isn’t sure, suggesting that what he saw was a sort of glimmering shining four humps in the water.

The picture itself isn’t compelling proof by any means.  Even the hoaxed surgeon’s photograph that would eventually become the most iconic image related to Nessie was more compelling than this latest image.  In fact, very little in the photograph actually suggests the Loch Ness Sea monster is anywhere in the photo.  It could just as easily, from the looks of it, be three partially inflated plastic bags floating in the water.  But what this photograph has provided for fans of Nessie is the opportunity to once again marvel at the possibility that others are still on the lookout for their favorite creature.  And by opening up a dialogue about the Loch Ness monster, we’re also given the opportunity to recall some of the most compelling moments in its history.

In 1954, for example, after several eyewitnesses reported seeing the creature, a sonar blip appeared suggesting the mysterious creature was drifting beneath the ship Rival III.  The mystery shape was observed for some time (almost half a mile) before eventually drifting away in a way that made those onboard the ship believe it was actually a massive object swimming away.  After that it appeared once again in the same defined shape.  It was the first time Nessie would ever reportedly appear on sonar.

And in 2007 Gordon Holmes submitted footage to the public of a creature he reported to be the Loch Ness Monster.  Of course in the end this footage turned out to be just as dubious as this most recent photograph.

The Loch Ness Monster is a classic example of a possible phenomenon that has time and time again come under scrutiny due to repeated attempts by hoaxers to gain a corner on the legend and implant themselves forever in its history.  Will compelling footage or proof of the Loch Ness monster ever come about?  Even if it never does, the incredible stories surrounding it remain to this day its most interesting element.