New Wave of Cattle Mutilations Very Different

Farmers these days seem to have enough to deal with considering the
increased cost of food production and the difficulty of keeping
overhead at a maintainable level in order to keep from starving
themselves.  And if that’s not enough, there’s a host of new problems
facing farmers including the new wave of cattle mutilations in Gem
County, Idaho.  But unlike previous cases these cattle mutilations have
an interesting and disturbing twist to them.

Few believe the
recent cattle mutilations have been caused by aliens.  Cattle are being
shot with low caliber bullets and then their organs are surgically
removed as they bleed to death.  The grim details of the case have
Brand Inspector Lynn Gibson worried.  “I don’t remember anything on
this scale,” Lynn told one newspaper, “It’s usually just one
incident.”  The strange details of the case are reminiscent of the
cattle mutilations suspected to be of a supernatural source, but are
fairly obviously done by human hands.  But why?  Any one aspect of the
case seems perfectly explainable by itself, but when put together they
paint a picture that is bleak and strange for the perpetrators of the

The mysterious perpetrator shot one cow with a smaller
rifle, and cut one hind leg and a shoulder from the body.  After that,
they scalped the creature and went into its body and took out a lung
with surgical precision.  There is no known motive for the killings. 
“If they needed the meat to feed their families,” one local farmer
said, “Why take only those parts and leave the rest?”  Another farmer
from the area expressed his disbelief more colorfully, ending with,
“Why take the lung?”  As the killing spree continues with no end in
sight, authorities are offering a $3,000 reward for information leading
to the capture of the cattle mutilators.  The offer comes from the
Owner of the cattle, the Idaho Farm Bureau, and the Idaho Cattlemen’s

And in addition to the property damage to the
cattle in the area, there is a very real concern about the mindset of
such a killer.  Though many farmers in the region come from a long line
of frontiersmen and farmers who express that they are prepared to
protect their families from a possibly deranged individual, there are
others who are simply baffled and a little frightened by the idea of
someone wandering the countryside with a rifle and surgical tools
extracting the organs of cattle for unknown reasons.  “Kids wouldn’t
have any reason to do it because they couldn’t brag about it at
school,” Gibson continued, analyzing the motivations for these strange

And the Gem County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone
with information related to the killings to report it to the Idaho Gem
Gounty Sheriff’s Office.  Those who are still holding to the
possibility of an alien intervention on this case should also know that
the surgical precision normally attributed to cattle mutilation, though
expert, is nowhere near the level normally associated with the typical
supernaturally suspected cases.