Odd Cloud Formations

Have you ever looked up into the sky and spotted an oddly-shaped cloud? The shapes may be familiar to you for a moment, resembling a teddy bear or a distorted face, but then they soon stretch and fade into something unrecognizable. There have been many people who have looked up in the sky and have noticed some of the oddest sights, claiming to even have sighted UFOs within clouds.


UFOs in Clouds

During the autumn of 1961, witnesses in Sunset, Utah, claimed to have seen an odd cloud formation that resembled what would be described as an UFO. Descriptions of this sight included details of a pair of “puffy-like” clouds which were seen to be connected to one another by what looked like a cord of long, string-like material. It was also reported that two metallic, structures that were shaped like a disc followed behind these two clouds. All four of the objects could not be seen once they passed over the horizon.


It wasn’t until the next day that an investigator from the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, Richard Miskin, was called to the scene. Upon his arrival, he conducted a series of interviews with those who claimed to have seen the objects in the sky. One of these credible witnessed happened to be the mayor of the area, who proceeded to describe what he had seen the previous day. It is said that the objects reappeared as he was talking, traveling across the sky in the same direction as before. It was never settled what the objects were.


Clouds Hiding Aliens

There have been several accounts where individuals believe that they have been contacted by aliens who appear to the witness under the guise of a cloud. One example of this claim comes from Sydney, Australia, where a woman claimed to have encountered aliens through the sight of a pink cloud that traveled in her direction until she could hear what sounded like an engine. She was looking out of the window of a house located on the cliff top, where she believes she witnessed an alien descend from a ladder that was lowered from the same pink cloud. Many people, who report a close encounter with the third kind, usually describe some sort of cloud or fog was present during their experience.


There have been many tales involving the mysteries of the clouds up above. Numerous people believe that clouds have been used as the hiding spots of a variety of menacing entities. There have been tales involving phantom planes that travel throughout the backdrop of the clouds, causing problems for farmers who are tending to crops. Some claim that these phantom planes hide take cover within clouds, dropping chemicals on crops and wreaking havoc for the farmers. Other cloud tales that deal with an abnormality in nature, involve materials that fall from the clouds in the sky. Some of these objects can either be organic or inorganic. One report deals with a shower of insects that covered an area measuring about 50 to 100 square feet.