One Year Later Severed Head Shipment Still Mysterious

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The shipment of human heads that was discovered en route to Fort Worth Texas that was intercepted by Southwest Airlines Employees is still a mystery even a year after the grim package was first opened and horrified those working there.  The massive crate filled with some 60 human heads had been hastily duct taped and little information could be found at first of what exactly was in the box.  And yet even though some evidence has come forward, investigators are still saying not all the facts add up.

Working at a shipping company can be a tough job to say the least, but imagine discovering 60 human heads on a Monday morning as you’re getting ready for a long day.  That’s precisely what happened to one group of employees who were horrified to discover the unmarked crate complete with unidentified remains inside.  The story shocked readers worldwide almost a year ago, and as it stands investigators are still looking for answers.

Who sent this shipment of human heads, who asked for it, and why?  The company Medtronic Inc in Fort Worth, Texas came forward shortly after the discovery was made and said they had ordered the heads, but security personnel who were used to dealing with this sort of business were not convinced after reading the paperwork present on the boxes.  For obvious reasons, including a thriving black market trade of organs and rumors of human remains being used for everything from unlicensed experimentation to dark rituals, the trade is taken very seriously with several countermeasures to ensure abuse of the system does not happen.  It was one of these measures that raised a red flag when the heads were discovered last year.

The latest in the case is that the county coroner has made the decision that the mystery heads will be cremated as the company ordering them is no longer interested in the shipment.  The heads will be cremated and the matter will rest there.  And while most official authorities are satisfied that the incident was simply a matter of mislabeling, there are several more who want answers in this mystery that don’t seem forthcoming immediately.  Among the discrepancies were the mislabeling of the identities of those involved leading some to believe the heads belonged to entirely different people – which of course only raises more grim questions.

Needless to say once Medtronic learned of the procedural problems they changed their suppliers entirely.  And with that the matter will finally rest in peace.

The medical industry uses cadavers for a number of purposes, including research and education as well as experimentation.  These bodies are donated voluntarily by the individuals involved prior to their deaths and the documentation remains with companies who do not sell the bodies themselves, but charge a fee to those interested in purchasing them for storage and shipping – of course in this case it appears the still anonymous company based in Arkansas made a major mistake.