One Year to Prepare for January 1st, 2012

Many believe the end of the world could come some time around the year 2012.  And with the belief itself being a breeding ground for potential hazards down the road, many are taking note and preparing for a life of uncertainty on the road ahead of them.  But what preparations are most effective?  And what should you be doing today to avoid difficulty in the world after 2012?

First, it’s important to understand that objects and physical things are not guaranteed to any of us.  Your greatest asset for this time of preparation will of course be you.  Just as you are stockpiling non-perishable goods in the pantry, if you are preparing for the world of 2012, you might want to consider stockpiling various personality qualities as well.  Among these, one of the most important will be the willingness to adapt to new situations and the ability to think on your feet in light of uncertain times.  Crowds will move in various directions guided by fear, but it will be up to you to make the decision whether you will follow them or not.

While none of us truly knows if anything will happen on December 21st 2012, but many are using the opportunity to enter a new lifestyle of modest preparation and relative independence from the greater infrastructure.  By even committing only a little bit of your time to securing your household’s integrity and strengthening plans and preparations for your families, you will be putting yourself many light years ahead of those who believe the world as it is today will be around forever.

One of the things many individuals are suggesting doing is buying gold and silver.  The currencies we use today are all based on confidence.  And if that confidence were to be somehow removed, the entire infrastructure of the dollar could collapse.  Many investors plan on using gold as a way to pad their bank accounts and keep them safe from economic difficulties.  However, even gold has some risk as gold markets are manipulated through artificial means.  Silver is often used as an alternative as it is both cheaper and more stable.

But neither of these precious metals is guaranteed to have a value after a cataclysm.  The only thing each of us knows for a fact will still hold a precious amount of importance to us and others is ourselves and the relationships we keep with others.  By strengthening these relationships and improving our own abilities in every field rather than focusing endlessly on specialization, we each will become one step closer to having a more secure future.  So if you’re looking for a new year’s resolution, self enrichment and improvement is one of the greatest things any of us can do to improve our own lives and promise ourselves and our children a better life.  And so if 2012 results in a massive cataclysm we will be that much more capable in dealing with it.  But if it turns out to be nothing more than a baseless mass panic, then we will each benefit from the bonus of having improved ourselves with or without the end of the world.