Organized Human Fat Syndicate Busted for Murders

A gang from Peru has been busted in connection with a human fat rendering scheme.  The gangsters reportedly murdered victims and extracted their fat to be sold to a shadowy European cosmetics company.  As the investigations are ongoing, no details of this disturbing crime ring’s buyer have surfaced, but some have wondered if the gang was lied to.  The shocking twist to all of this?  Human fat isn’t actually that hard to buy.  Were these gang members lied to in order to fulfill some other purpose?  The more information that arises about this, the more terrifying it becomes.

Selling fat for $36,000 per gallon was enough to commit some of the grisliest murders in recent history for these Gangsters, but a nagging question keeps coming up, “Why?”  Several liposuction clinics offer patients the option to “donate” their fat.  Rumors are such a method makes it unlikely the “official” story of an evil cosmetics company gone rogue will turn out to be true.

The human body’s fat reserves are filled with ‘stem-cells’ which have been in the media time after time because of controversial research connected to human embryos.  Why not get the cells from a liposuction research facility? 

After all, even an illegal transfer of human fat cells from a liposuction clinic would be less dangerous for a research company to invest in than a Peruvian gang of murderers.  The problem with liposuction fat is that it often contains viruses causing obesity.  AD-36 is just one example of an obesity causing virus that could spread through stem cell cultivation and application.  What better source for healthy fat cells than the Peruvian jungle where obesity inducing viruses are almost certainly guaranteed not to exist?

Some media outlets have pointed to the fat extraction as a means of covering up murders undertaken by the gang for other means, but this is clearly not the case as bodies were not hidden very well.  One was found in the middle of a coca field missing a head.

Though the gang members have collectively confessed to seven killings, authorities are suspecting as many as sixty murders in the town in recent months due to an unprecedented string of disappearances.  The gang of Pishtacos, as they are being nicknamed by the media are still being hunted by authorities.

The name is derived from the Quechua legends of ceremonial bandits who would kill travelers and render their fat as an offering to the fertility gods.  Elsewhere, legends are that the Pishtacos were cannibals who ate human flesh after removing the fat and selling it.  It will be interesting to see who is buying the fat and why.  Of course it is pure speculation, and no one has been officially named as a buyer yet.  We’ll keep you updated on this so far unexplainable horror if the conspiracy deepens.