Out-of-the-Water Loch Ness Monster Sightings Part 1

Since the Loch Ness Monster is a creature often described as a water dweller, it is rare that you hear about the accounts that involve shore sightings. Throughout the years, and as far back as 1527, there have been reports made regarding an unknown beast that was seen outside of the water instead of swimming in Loch Ness. In this article, we will share some of the descriptions documented throughout the years.


Duncan Campbell was one of the first people to describe the ” terrible beast seen on the loch shore.” The exact location of this sighting is unknown, but we do know that his description was dated for 1527.


In 1879, a group of children were in the North shore area when they spotted a small head attached to a long neck that was ” turning from side to side.” They also claimed that the creature was gray in color.


In 1880, E.H. Bright was in Drumnadrochit when he saw a “monster” that departed a wooded area and “waddled” to the water with the help of four legs. He also mentioned that the creature possesses a long neck and was dark gray in color.


A gypsy woman who happened upon the North shore in 1890 did not leave many details, but constantly took a detour that led over the hills so that she would never pass the same place again. It is believed that she encountered an unknown creature that fit the description of the Loch Ness Monster.


In 1912, William MacGruer was at Inchnacardoch Bay when he spotted an “animal” with long legs that resembled a camel. The creatures had a long neck, as he watched it move into the loch and then disappeared. Instead of the usual gray color that the Loch Ness Monster has been described as, MacGruer claimed the creature was yellow in color.


Mrs. Peter Cameron was in the Loch Ness area when in 1919, she claimed to have seen a similar sight as MacGruer , a creature with a head similar to a camel with a long neck and four limbs. She told others that it was a “camel-like color.”


While visiting Invermoriston in April 1923, Alfred Cruickshank was driving down the road when he saw a “monster” with an arched back. The legs of the creature were similar to that of an elephant, which possesses webbing at the feet. He estimated that the body measured 3 to 3.6 meters long, while the tail was 3 meters in length. The beast was also described as being “khaki green” in color.


During the 1930s, Alec Muir was in Inverfarigaig when he spotted a “large beast” that passed in front of his car as he traveled along the road. School children about the Urquhart Bay region claimed that a “horrifying animal” was moving about the swampland situated in Urquhart Bay until it reached the loch.


In Part 2, you will learn of Loch Ness Monster sightings that took place outside of the water in places such as Abriachan, Inchnacardoch Bay, Dores and Foyers.