Out-of-the-Water Loch Ness Monster Sightings Part 2

In 1933, Mrs. Eleanor Price-Hughes claimed to have seen a large creature that came from behind the bushes and disappeared into the loch. That same year in April, Col. L. MCP Fordyce was near Foyers when he came across a creature that he described as a ” cross between a large horse and camel with hump on its back.” He also noted that it possessed a small head with a long neck. His sighting was also gray in color.


Somewhere between Dores and Foyers, George Spicer also saw a large creature that he claims crossed around 140 meters in front of him while he was in his car. The sighting took place in the month of July (1933) and was described as having a “thick body with long neck.” According to Spice, it was gray in color and measured about 7 ½ meters long. Before it moved into the Loch, Spicer stated that the creature traveled in a “jerky” motion.


1933 was a good year to spot the Loch Ness Monster, as Mrs. M.F. MacLennan was in Dores, where she came across a “dark gray mass” that was on the beach. The sighting was described as possessing several humps and legs that were short and thick. It was also estimated to measure about 6 to 7 ½ meters long. In December, a woman known as Mrs. Ried was in Inverfarigaig when she saw an odd creature resting upon the shore. With a hairy body and thick mane on its neck, she claimed the unknown character was the size of a hippo. It also had a large round head and short, thick legs.


In Abriachan, Arthur Grant claimed to have seen a “small eel-like head on long neck” that carried a bulky body that was estimated to have measured around 4 ½ to 6 meters in length. Two humps were sighted, as well as four “flipper-like” legs and a tail that measured 1 ½ meters long. The sighting, which took place in January of 1934, was also described as being black or dark brown in color.


In February of 1934, Jean MacDonald and Patricia Harvey were at Inchnacardoch Bay when they saw a creature crossing the stream against the light of the moon. The body of the unknown entity was described as being thick and dark that tapered the closer it got to the tail. Underneath, the tail appeared lighter. With a body about 3 meters long, the creature carried its weight with the help of four, thick legs that were short in stature. June of that same year, Miss Margaret Munro was at Borlum Bay, where she spotted a large body that possessed a long neck (resembling a giraffe) with a small head. She was by the beach when the sighting took place. It was also described as possessing two short forelegs or flippers. The body was dark gray in color.


As Torquil Macleod was opposite the Horse Shoe in February of 1960, he claims to have seen a gray and black mass that possesses a trunk like an elephant. A pair of “front paddles” helped the sighting to move about, where its total length was estimated at 13 ½ meters long.


In June of 1963, a witness who was known as ” L.N.I.” claimed to have seen an unknown creature with a body that measured an estimated 5 meters long. As the witness stood at Achnahannet, he claims to have seen the creature that he would later film as it meandered about the shore (approximately 4 kilometers away). During those days, film was not of good quality, making the distance a problem that affected the outcome of the film.