Panther May Have Been House Cat

Since hurricane Katrina there have been reports of a massive black cat stalking the back yards and homes of one community.  And after all the controversy seems like it’s settled, another big string of sightings comes about as reported by wildlife officials who say they were disappointed not to find a big black cat.  The hunt is on, but hopes aren’t at an all time high as this big cat rears its head once more.

Plaquemines Parish was the sight of a peculiar investigation on Monday with deputies stalking the trail of what they believed to be an impossible animal.  The controversy over big cats has been swirling since hurricane Katrina when many cryptozoologists believe a panther might have escaped from a private flooded collection.  Still others have pointed to sightings throughout history of out of place animals (OOPAs) and say a big black cat is no more or less paranormal than the occasional Kangaroo sightings in the United States or Tigers in the United Kingdom.  All have reportedly taken place, and all have their own explanations.  One that doesn’t sit well with cryptozoologists who have dedicated their time to become experts on the cases.

Phoenix Louisiana was, however, a bit of a disappointment for the blogosphere as well as photographs of a black feline came out from one Folsom resident who claimed the cat was of the big variety.  But looking closer at the photo, the size of the cat can be easily determined by the size of the vehicle next to it.  Loren Coleman was among those who seemed incredulous over the photos in his article “Louisiana Panther Hysteria: Fever Pitch.”  And it seems proving a panther in the area will take a lot more than just a snapshot of a large housecat.

In January a former UK police officer convened a meeting to discuss the presence of a very large cat in the west Wales area after seeing the creature only a few days prior.  And of course this comes on the heels of another incident, labeled by many to be some of the widest rashes of big cat sightings in the past decade.

So what are these creatures doing here?  If a big cat did somehow manage to find a way to survive through the winter, how?  And why hasn’t anyone been able to catch it?  If the idea of a big cat out of place seems preposterous to you, consider in 2010 when reports came out that a lion had been sighted in May near Marshall train station in Texas by not one or two, but dozens of people.

The theory that these cats could actually be hopping from dimension to dimension seems strange, and some suggest the creatures must have been released by collectors who wished to get rid of excess animals or who simply escaped.  It seems plausible that this could have happened in the wake of such a massive Hurricane.  But if so, how can we be sure?