photophobia or photosensitivity, albinoism, enhanced strength

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My Psuedo-religious, Mythological Discoveries

by Matthew M

Ok, this is going to sound far fetched. But please keep an open mind, you don’t have to accept anything I am going to write, but please don’t disregard it emidiatly. Keep it in mind as a possibility.

Everything I am going to tell you, I believe as truth. I’m not tryng to lie to you or trick you or try to make you believe a story. If you wish you can think of me as delusional, perhaps even under some sort of psychosis, I’m willing to accept that as a possibility. If you can’t buy that I believe what I’m saying, then take all this as fiction, as an amusing story. But I am not trying to spew bullshit.

Now I shall begin. I have made several discoveries concerning the true nature of vampires. I have check my info with several different sources, and I have divined the truth from the exagerations.

First I’l give you a few definitions so you know where I’m coming from.

Sanguinarian: A person whom craves blood and believe they need blood for sustinance. They may also have certain characteristics such as photophobia or photosensitivity, albinoism, enhanced strength or stamina, night-vison, rudimentary fangs, and even some forms of esp. Of course a sanguinarian may not posses any of these. It varies from person to person. Some believe they will persh without blood, and have exibited signs of depression if they go long periods without it. This condition may be biological, psychological, or perhaps metaphysical. It s NOT accepted by the scientific comunity. Also called sanguin or simply sang.

Psychic-vampires: A person(or sanguin) who feeds dirrectly off of the emotions or mental-energies of another. They may have any of the same characteristics of sanguins or none of them. Most are known to posses many metaphysical abilites such as empathy, teleparthy, astral projection, and others. Some claim to practice magic, such as elemenatal magic, chaos magic, “vampiric” magic and concievably anything else. Also not accepted by scientific comunity. Psychic-vampirism can be a trait exibited by any type of person, they may not even be aware that they feed off of others. Also call Psi-vamps.

the Undead: This is one of the terms used for the vampires of Folklore. They are concidered to be stricly mythilogical. Though they may hold some truth about vampiric phenomenon.

Blood-fetishist: One who is aroused by bleeding and blood play. Sometimes are known as the “pretend” vampires.

The Ancients: Also called Pure-Blood vampires and Otherkin vampires. These are more like the vampires of mythology. They are concidered immortal and are said to have god-like powers. They are wholly unhuman. Some believe these Ancients are hidden somewhere in this world. Some believe they lead secret vampiric clans. They are thought to be able to “turn” others by transfusing their blood into humans. They are the basis of many fantasy books and role-playng games.

Otherkin: The phenomenon known as “Otherkin” is when a non-human sentient entity is re-encarnated into human form. Sometimes these beings are re-encarnated mythical creatures, aliens or extra-diemtional creatures. Jesus would be concidered an otherkin phenomenon. Demon possesion is concidered otherkin also. Sometimes otherkin only have partial or confused knowledge of their past lives, so their statements may not be reliable or may be diluted by ther own imagination. Some are just fakes and liars.

That’s most of the info that is floating around the net, you can probably find most of it yourself. That’s It for Defintions.

Ok, now for what I have dscovered personaly from my own sources.

The closest thing to a “true” vampire are the Ancients. These pure-bloods live in alternate realities or realms. Vampires have the abilty to travel through realms at will. Long ago the realm that we lie in was open to all sorts of creatures we now concider legend. The vampires traveled here for their own reasons and spured the myths of the Undead.

These Vampires are a species of their own unrelated to humans. Ancients and pure-bloods have certain characterstics. They are mostly humanoid except for a pair of wings that sprout from their back, I think that these wings are feathered like the steriotypical angel, except dark in color. There may be vampires with leathery bat-like wings, but I must check my sources again. Vampires have fangs for the obvious. They greatly enjoy blood. Some vampires are bluish in color and have deep-blue hair and wings. They are comnpletly immortal and can not de under any circumstance. They have no weaknesses, they enjoy the sun and fear no religion.

When a vampire bites it’s prey in battle, the prey will become sick and die, it will NOT rise from the grave.

Certain hybrids are born of vampires and other species, but they usualy die unless the species of the other parent is a powerful one.

It has been know for Ancients to allow a human to feed from their blood, after many years of feeding the human begins to mutate and take on certain vampiric qualities. These mutated humans are NOT vampires and they can die. They can not “turn” others, nor are they truely turned, if they do not feed from their master, they will eventualy die of old-age.

Perhaps there are some Ancients left in this world, but I greatly doubt it it. I know that the gates between realms have been closed and the only way for one to cross is in astral, spiritual or dream form. I also doubt there are any mutant vampiric humans left. Perhaps Sanguniarians are humans who’s ancestors once fed from vampires and they iherited these latent urges.

Some ancients have been banished from ther home realms and sent to be born in a human body. These vampire “otherkin” may also be an explanation for saguinarians and psy-vamps.

So for all intents and purposes, Vampires are NOT real because they do not exist in our reality. They are as real as any religious god or deity.

That’s everything on vampires

You may take the preceding text as fiction, or a story. You may take it as a delusion. But please do not take it as a lie, I am not trying to bullshit you. Look on this without acceptance, but without skeptisism either. Please try to be neutral. I assure you that I believe all I have told you, at least on a religious level.

If you have any questions on any points of this, feel free to ask. I know much more then I have written, but so far my sources are limited and it is hard to seperate truth from fancy. This is my enterpretaton of the truth.

I know more about the “reality” of other legendary creatures, gods and deities. I will write about others later. I submit this to you for acedemic purposes and NOT to convince you of my beliefs.