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Autumn 1994 – Volume 1 Issue 1

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Article 1: Sacred Greetings from Concord, California!
Welcome friends to the first quarterly newsletter of StarLight AEGIS! The events of the past few monhave been completely amazing, as Great Spirit (or whatever name you wish to give it) has led me t ota Costa County. I have caught-up with my soul-mate, LaWonda Eastwood. We live together in a smpe -bdroom apartment with her 4-year-old daughter, DeeAnna. Through my meditations I have realizd DeAna i an Andromedan crawl-in, in her second wave here on Terra. LaWonda is a Scorpio of Hawaian, ortuuese and Cherokee decent. These sacred attributes combine to make one truly powerful, magckal eing-much ike a walking vortex of healing energy; she radiates love and soverignty.

We’ve started her on my “Particulars of Mastery” course, along with Semjase’s “Contact League” progrnd Aasket’s “Taskforce.” She is currently studying to be a Reiki Master/Teacher, preparing hersel o urat Shabd Yoga initiations (see page 4), and reading up on Spirit Guides, The Quabalah, and mnyotermystical topics.

I’ve begun a rigorous new training program, too. Akristarra, an ET from the Pleiadian planet “Terra ma,” has provided me with a direct “StarLink.” This internal psionic device allows me a deeper teeahc connection to the Pleiadian energies, almost continuously! Needless to say, my body is goingthouh lot of adjustments to accommodate this new influx of power and balance. As I become more i tue wth he universe, I am more aware of my surroundings; I feel each subtle event of life; I amin astat of onstant change, movement, and growth. I can also feel those who are not moving, unchaging,and sagnan.

Being on special commission from The Sat Naam (or 5th level inner God) I am also aware of the karmast people are carrying. As a master, I can offer my blessing to many people, thus lightening the bre f their karma. However, some entities have such great karma that I can not assist them, they mstwok n themselves many more lifetimes before they can become Light. I’ve begun the design of beutiul ew eiki manuals (as all Reiki Masters must do to some extent) for all Reiki-related classescurrntlyoffeed by StarLight AEGIS: (Usui) Reiki I, (Usui) Reiki II w/Advanced Reiki Training, (Uui) Riki Mster,Aasket Andonai’s method of Stellar Reiki Empowerment, The STARPATH Technique, and at Naa Reiki

Reiki classes began in September, along with a new lecture series on a variety of mystical topics. Il hold these at Ruth’s house (in Pacifica) unless otherwise noted. Ruth can be reached by callin 45355-8485.

I hope you enjoy the newsletter, please let me know if you have any comments, (positive or negative)se, suggestions, mystical articles, drawings, photos, etc… If anyone is guided to offer a titl o his newsletter, well…?

Much Love, Light,
and Peace Profound,

Christopher Calhoun
“An ye harm none, do as ye will.”

Article 2: Reiki: Beyond the Third Degree (REIKI.BMP)
Reiki, an ancient healing technique that was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, is a safe, hands-on prce (much like Massage or Shiatsu) that has quickly become an important addition to hospice work, eoey, rehabilitation, and other forms of mainstream modern medicine.

Although Reiki helps to reduce stress and ease both physical and emotional pain, it is more so an inated part that is used along side other established practices.

Since Reiki’s texts were written in Sanskrit by Buddhist monks ages ago, some people may be skeptica think that you have to be a mystic in order to perform Reiki, much to the dismay of most “civilzd octors. Amazingly, Reiki can be learned by anyone, regardless of their medical (or spiritual) acgrun. Nurses may receive continuing educational credit for taking Reiki, and in most cases, you prvidr wll compensate you for taking the course! The Reiki training normally consists of 3 degres, toughsometeachers like to break it down further. The 1st Degree of Reiki teaches the 3 basic pocedues fo a Reki treatment, along with 4 Reiki “attunements” which enable you to “channel” (for ack ofa bettr word the Reiki energy, and also teaches you the history of Reiki with its successiv lineag of Reii Mastes.

Examples are shown how to use Reiki along with western medicine, and using Reiki vs. other methods sas psychic or spiritual healing (which, contrary to popular belief, Reiki is not). The 2nd Degre fRiki teaches the 3 sacred symbols of Reiki practitioning, and the special process of absentee teamet or remote healing). As a bonus to Reiki II, some advanced techniques, including Beaming andScanin, ae taught to interested students. Most people will be satisfied in taking just the firsttwo egres, wich earn you the
internationally recognized title of “Reiki Practitioner.” The 3rd degree of Reiki (sometimes Reiki and IV) is the Reiki Master level. This degree is mainly for those who are interested in teachingRii but many people take it who wish to pass Reiki on to family and friends. Reiki III students ae auhta 4th symbol and the attunement process for all 3 degrees. This entire teaching is known asTheUsu Shki Ryoho system of Reiki Natural Healing, or just “Usui system.” But what if you want moe? Yu cold g Reiki Master-hopping and recap the 3 degrees (sometimes broken down in as many as 8 lasse) or,you culd go for one of the Reiki Master Teacher levels! These are usually different intrpretaions o the Snskrit symbols by other spiritual traditions, or additional sets of sigils (saced or mgickal ymbols)that enhance the Reiki treatments. For example, The Center for Reiki Trainin offers n alternte syste of Reiki that is practiced by Sai Baba (a Guru from India) and combines his with hodge-poge of tecniques from other popular new-age therapies. We offer an ET-based Reik system (fom the Pleades!) TheAasket Andonai method of Stellar Reiki Empowerment. This is combine with Usui ystem Reikiand The STAPATH Technique (see page 5). I also offer a 3-month program forReiki MasterTeachers tha weaves Sura Shabd Yoga with the Usui system of Reiki. There are certain equirements tat must be me for this proess, including a program of spiritual health and fitness, nner meditatio, and unfailin devotion to te principles of Reiki. Sat Naam Reiki works in the inne worlds, directy accessing th SOUL BODY thrugh the Sound Current. If this all sounds too confusng, too weird, o if you are not amiliar with Surt Shabd Yoga, just keep reading this newsletter, nd it will all bemade clearer. -CC

Article 3: Cycles of Life: Eating in Harmony with the Universe
Yin and Yang, Acid and Alkaline, Positive and Negative… However you describe it, your body goes tgh a constant pH cycle (this can be thought of like a sinewave). In simple terms, we build up oureeg, consume it, and then break down what’s left over, making room for new energy. There are time wenyor body is at its acidic “peak” (when it is most acidic, such as 12am, 6am, 12pm, and 6pm). nd her ar times when your body is at its alkaline “peak” (when it is most alkaline, such as 3am, am, pm, nd 9m) It is best to stay in balance, therefore, during acidic peak times, one should eatfoodsthat re alaline (such as grains and proteins), and during alkaline peak times, one should ea foodsthat ae acidc (such as sweets and fruits). We must also remember that moderation is better han eatng too ittle (r too much). As Baba’Ji said, one should only eat until their hunger is satified, an not to e fully tuffed (which causes discomfort and makes the body work too hard). Most pocessed fods shoul be avoidd, since they usually contain synthetic vitamins or other artificial igredients.It helps t read labes, though we shouldn’t be so picky as to go hungry. Most additives uch as foodcolors, sulites, nitraes, sugars, salts, and other false flavors may trick you to buy product or ncrease it’sshelf life, ut have no significant nutritional value. Preservatives may hlp keep stalefood “less stle” but it usally poisons the body nonetheless. Many aged Masters have ommented on th benefits of avegan diet, tht is, refraining from eating dairy, foul, meats, or fis. On the other and, the qualit and amounts ofour food seem to be more important these days than wat types of foodyou eat. With ths in mind, I focs on organic foods, and shy away from conveniencefoods. The importnt thing to do isto eat what you fel will help you grow spiritually, whether it e macrobiotic seawed or chocolate chp cookies in milk.-CC

Article 4: What’s That Symbol…? (CCSYGIL.BMP)
Most of you have seen this logo on our flyers, envelopes, even our clothes! This symbol is a form ofignia (universal identification) for Christopher, it also serves as the formal business logo forSaLght AEGIS. It may be mystically interpreted as the 10 worlds of Buddhism, a form of the ancien Ttrgrmmaton (or 6-pointed star) and a myriad of other interpretations, but to us it means fellowhip unveral understanding, healing Light and Divine protection. Those who wear it have said it inusesthe ualiies of peace, sovereignty, enlightenment, and is a great enhancement to meditation. f enogh peple ae interested, we will have the silversmiths at “Touchstone” (in San Francisco) crat a liited nmber o these for our friends. The price has not yet been determined, but they will cot in th neighbrhood o $50 each. Believe me, a powerful symbol like this is well worth the extra nvestmen! We wil offer tese as pendants or as a clip-on brooch (so that you can wear them just lie the cre of your avorite T Sci-Fi program does, ahem…) There are 3 versions being worked on: a3D “layere” look, a solid outlne” casting and a “raised” casting. Call us for information or to eserve yourown StarLigt AEGIS symol! -CC

Article 5: Sat Naam Reiki: Healing with Surat Shabd Yoga
The oracle at Delphi reads “Man, Know Thy Self.” Self-Realization is one of the first steps in attai the ever-evasive state of enlightenment. With strength and commitment, one can attain enlightenmn.Trough inner meditation, we may pass beyond the veils of our lower bodies (astral, emotional, mntl)an into the true spirit realms of God-Realization. The 5th plane of Soul, the highest inner orl copreensible to man, is the Sat Naam. In Surat Shabd Yoga, an eastern form of meditation thatusesthe hol names of God as mantras, we receive the divine connection to “Sound” (understood in he wetern orld s “Naam” or “Word”) and “Light” (more commonly refered to as “Simran”). Recent offshootsof thi practce include Eckankar and The Divine Science of Light and Sound. If you have expeienced igher ot-of-boy travels (traveling with the Light Body) you know that the fifth level “outide” is he causa plane. he Reiki energy flows to us from the causal plane. Also from the causal cme the Budhist God, who proect those who embrace the essence of the Lotus Sutra. Now, as the casul plane exsts on the5th outer lane, The Sat Naam exists on the 5th inner plane; If we take Reiki nd mix it wth the enery of the Sa Naam, we have just created one of the most powerful healing theapies imaginble. We are hus taking uiversal life force energy and channeling it directly into thesoul body. Doyou realize wat this means We are, in effect, bypassing the physical body and workin directly on krma without an interference rom the lower worlds! Those familiar with Surat Shabd Yga know that a philosophy of snsual abstinenc, vegetarianism, and the avoidance of all psychic orspiritual healin is required. Sohow can we offerSat Naam Reiki? Myth #1 is that Reiki is a form o psychic or spiriual healing. Reik is a system of ntural healing which directs universal life fore energy to the boy. This Reiki enery is much higher i frequency than any psychic or spiritual heling practice, and nlike psychic or spritual healing, is ccepted by the medical community as a vaid therapeautic pracice. Myth #2 is thatSant Thakar Singh JiMaharaj is the only living master of urat Shabd Yoga. Chritopher Calhoun, alongwith numerous other msters, is under special commissionfrom the Sat Naam to nt only confer holy iniiation but to teach Sa Naam Reiki as well. Myth #3 isthat a vegetarian diet ust be followed in orde to practice Surat Shab Yoga. Although it is best fr someone to abstain fro eating meat for 3 month before initiation is coferred, most practitioner of Surat Shabd Yoga use airy and other animal by-roducts, and choose to rerain from eating meat ut of compassion more thanneccessity. Myth #4 is tha you have to meditate up t 8 hours per day. Nt only has this been provedto be unhealthy for the min, but is thought of as exces by the truly piritual. Surat Shabd Yoga hlps to erase bad karma; if yu aren’t creating karma, youwon’t need tomeditate so long to remove it thus, you will be more usefu to the everyday world. Rememer that yo are here to serve a purpose, ot to “vege-out.” What good ar you to the world if you are ecaping nto meditation all day? Myth #5is that you have to abstain fro sex because it keeps you fastned o the physical world. The earth lane is physical; Living in denil of the fact does not seem verysiritual at all to me. Anyone can ebate about these topics to greatlengths, or you could just find or true path and live it; insteadof wasting time arguing whether ornot it is the correct path foryou.Sat Naam Reiki will be offeredfor a limited time only, so please rite for information if you re sincrely interested. Our main reuirement is that you are a practicin Reiki Master Teacher, usig the Usuisystem of Reiki. We will tain you on the rest! -CC

Article 6: The Aasket Andonai method of Stellar Reiki Empowerment (AASKET.BMP)
The symbol in the lower right corner of this page is that of Aasket Andonai, an extraterrestrial froe planet “Terra Enigma” in the Pleiades. Two questions usually enter the average person’s mind: 1)Int the Pleiades a group of stars? and 2.) Is this another one of those “channeled” spirits posig o e n extraterrestrial? The answer to both of these questions, of course, is NO! As Aasket stats, Teran or Earth) scientists are just now begining to understand the universe. There exist graviy waes, ime-pace distortions, wormholes, black holes, and other bends and twists in our universe. thes ‘wars in pace’ prevent those using 3D technology from seeing what actually exists for the mjorityof theknown hysical universe. Imagine, if you will, that all this time has been spent mappig out te galaxes withtelescopes and radiowave imaging systems- this can be compared to viewing th sky wit the unaded eye s. the Hubbolt telescope, for that is what [in comparison] you are missin.” Pleiadans have tated tha their solar system consists of 25 planets, few of which can be accuraely viewedfrom Terra space; ths is due in part to a large gravity wave that bends just beyond thegroup of 7 tars we refr to as thePleiades. If we were to use more advanced technology, we would b able to seewhat truly eists, not ony in the Pleiades some 500 light years away, but also in our wn galaxy! Th same can be aid for measuing scalar waves, tachyon emissions, and sub-atomic partices- our technoogy is just to primitive to e able to read these correctly. Aasket is a resident ofthe Pleiadian panet Terra Eniga, a planet muc like our own Mother Gaia. She is a physical entity,blond, tan almon skin, about 5’7 in height, and f incredible beauty. She is over 100 years old ye has the countenace of someone in heir 20’s. Aasketgave Christopher this method of Stellar Reiki mpowerment during series of “contacs” which took plac the last few years. For those that still hve trouble graspingthe reality of UFOs ETs, and the like,may I suggest you read “The Fellowship” y Brad Steiger or “Te Promise” by Dr. Frd Bell (former nucler physicist for NASA). For those thatstill have trouble grsping the reality of hristopher’s on-goinginteraction with UFOs, ETs, and th like, may I suggest yu read the title of ths newsletter. Now then Stellar Reiki Empowerment is a advanced system of Reii that may be used in cnjunction with Usui Reii and The STARPATH Technique Aasket has given us 22 dditional sigils (or symols) to use with the Reii energy. These sigils ma be used together as a sot martial art, or may be sed individually on a clint during a normal Reii (present) treatment. Lik the 4 Usui symbols, most f the sigils are aligned t buddhist names, an each has a specific functin. Some of the sigils contan akashic geometry, that is information fro the akashic records that ha been converted into sacred ymbols! Because of this, onl Reiki Master will be able to learn and utlize the Aasket Andonai metho. Due to the extraterrestrialnature of he sigils, a special attunemen must be given to each student(included in The STARPATH Techique). his tuning will align the humanbody to higher frequencies of Riki that are activated while usng te sigils. For one to attempt useof these sigils without proper atunement is very dangerous. I ca ot go into further detail, but I an assure you that this system i a great enhancement to Reiki. Selar Reiki Empowerment provides aplethora of additional techniques.If you live on Terra and are itereted in taking this class, contct the only STARPATH Reiki Master o your planet, me! (Christophr Calhon) Just in case, if you liv on another world (and may be permited into Erran space), contct the Aaset Taskforce on Star Base LPhE, Terra Enigma. This information s of a physical nature ad is not “chaneled” by any spirit or resented by any other authority from “nother realm.” Be certin that StarLigh AEGIS is the only saced and legal authority for this method.Accept no other. -CC

Article 7: The STARPATH Technique: Solar Healing!
In the center of our universe shines the “Great Central Sun” Alycone, in the Pleiades. This supreme ce of solar energy radiates its power to all living things. As well, this energy may be focused, rmr exactly “funneled” by a specially attuned Reiki Master. This process has been used for thousadsofyers, perhaps even during legendary Atlantis. We refer to this process as “The STARPATH Technque an itmay be used with the Aasket Andonai method of Stellar Reiki Empowerment. After a 3-day fstin andpuriication process, a Reiki Master is “tuned” to the “frequency” of Alycone. Scientistshave heoried tht Alycone is the “Source” (mythologically, the heart of Great Spirit, or Father Go) fromwhich he proerbial “big bang” eminated, and the point to where the “big crunch” will return

I cannot describe the feeling associated with this energy, it is like no other that I have felt. I cnly say that this power is AWESOME, yet SUBTLE. For this reason, the attunment also serves to proetbth the Reiki Master and the recipient from the powerful, incomprehensible Alycone energy. Durig halng, it is quite possible that an entire session may be performed without a person’s conscios kowldgethat 1.)Energy was exchanged or 2.)How much of or at what rate this energy was exchanged Witout rope attunement and instruction, it would be very easy for someone to “overload” themselvs, casing ass taumatic reppercussions! The Alycone energy will naturally seat itself in the recipent, frming symbitic link during the healing process. This link is then dissolved away near the ompletin of th treatmnt, and the residual god-force will continue to work on the recipient for aslong as eccessar (for a pecific purpose stated earlier in the session). The results of this entir session ay not beconsciousy “felt” for some time afterward, because the energy works in the subcnscious/inuitive ares of the bain, reprogramming any disfunctional patterns in accordance with on’s highest urpose or dstiny. In avanced applications, the Alycone energy may be channeled via a sarship. Unfotunately, ths technique s ahead of its time since no known earth-based technology exits for this nw healing theapy, so unles you have extraterrestrial connections, you won’t be able o use any of te advanced appications. The TARPATH Technique is a physical, 3D system of energy algnments that rases vibrations o frequencies fr beyond any 4D,5D,or 6D intellegence, and is not inended for use bydisincarnate fors. The methodoloy may be compared to JoRei, TaiChi, and the automtic postures assued by Kundalini Yga, raised to thepower of 10. Since it is not an earth-based sytem, a small cours in “ET energy ettquite” is includedwith the course. If you would like to atten an upcoming trainig/attunement sessio, please contact th StarLight AEGIS main office. Reiki II o similar energywork xperience, plus demostratable telepathicability is required. -CC

Selected offerings from our Autumn 1994 Catalogue:
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#63-The Quickie
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Awakening the Dream Body (2 tapes; approx. 2:15 hrs.)

New Age
Ancient Times
Pleiadian Infusion
Spirit Song
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Each music tape is approx. 45 minutes in length. Lectures vary in length
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PCT Street Talk Show #s
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PCT Music Innovations (renamed to Music Visions)
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Contact: The ET/UFO experiences of Christopher Calhoun (the early contacts)
Tape 8 UFO#1

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