Polar Shift – When the Earth’s Poles Flip

Polar Shift – When the Earth’s Poles Flip

Let me start off by saying, factual evidence shows firm proof that the Earth’s Poles have flipped several times in the past.  It has been roughly 780,000 years Since the last polar shift, and Scientists believe we are overdue for another.

Over the last 2,000 years, the Earths Magnetic Poles have been weakening.  As the Magnetic strength of the poles weakens, the Earth’s properties change.  We reached a point where the Ice Caps are melting and running off into our oceans, interfering with our global currents.  We can already see the effects of this with the erratic Weather lately.

This kind of change can only happen for a certain amount of given time until the Balance of Earths Axis is disrupted.  When enough weight passes the pivot point,

It is inevitable the Earth’s poles will shift to compensate for the weight difference. This can be compared to a glass of water.  You can only tilt it until the balance is Disrupted, than in will fall, or shift

When this great shift happens, the Earth will undergo great change.  As existing islands and coastlines deplete, new landmasses will emerge from the oceans. Birds will no longer Fly south, weather will suffer drastically, and Earths properties may display unimaginable Change. 

As Mother Earth undergoes her changes, Humanity and our consciousness will also change. One, who thinks this is nonsense, is obviously out of touch with reality.  This Earth Harbored microscopic organisms, than progressed to plant life. The progression continued and went to basic animal, to complex mammal, and is currently nested upon Human life. Our Earth has been home to huge dinosaurs, flying Pterodactyls, 48-legged insects, and life of

Every flavor.  I don’t see how anyone can think, “this process will end with us.  We are the Ultimate Product.” 

The more probable answer is that we humans are another step in the great cycle of EARTH. Earth itself is caught in the great cycle of the galaxy, and our galaxy is caught in the great cycle of the universe.  Even our SUN (SOL) has a great cycle, which we follow and we are not great enough to stop the cycle. 

But the cycles are complex, and sometimes the cycle wipes out all life to prepare for the New Life Ahead.  This may be on the verge of happening. The most important part of this, Is the spiritual side. As Life will continue, so will you and your soul. Take time to Connect with yourself spiritually and combat fear.