Precognition Receives Scientific Validation

Incredible news in the field of parapsychology today as for quite possibly the first time in the history of the world a paper in the field of psychology will be published in a highly respected and prestigious journal that precognition – the ability to predict future events before they happen – has been accomplished and documented in a way that even many skeptics are considering irrefutable.

The test was far more elaborate than the traditional tests intended to validate parapsychological phenomena, and involves principles that cannot be changed or reflected – ie the psychological reaction participants have in their reaction to external stimuli.  To put it simply, people cannot change how they react to things emotionally and therefore reversing the process is far easier for test subjects.  And it goes a long way to explaining why psychics may find it easier to pinpoint emotional data than concrete facts such as a name or number.

Daryl Bem of Cornell University began the test by priming subjects with data that betrayed an emotional response.  He found, for example, that preempting an image of a kitten with a word conflicting with the emotions felt by the subjects resulted in a delay of response.  But the same delay would be translated in reverse if shown in reverse order.  Several skeptics, including many who have discredited psychic phenomena for years have voiced their concern over the tests themselves, but admit that they can find no flaw in the scientific methods employed in the study.  The article is expected to follow the announcement and be published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.  Many of those in the parapsychological field have high hopes for the study, and are looking forward to seeing more of the raw test data in a format that many are saying cannot be refuted on scientific grounds.

This is exactly the sort of thing many parapsychologists have been pushing for as of late.  It is a means by which the paranormal and unexplained can begin to be translated into hard data that can be analyzed and studied without the associations generally given to it.  The paper is one of very few unique in the field in that it has been holding up to some fairly intense scrutiny from the skeptical field thus far, and may be the first to be universally recognized as irrefutable evidence of a parapsychological human potential to predict future events.  Of course there is nothing currently in the state of physics that suggests that precognition is specifically impossible, although some have used words such as ‘ridiculous’ in an attempt to discredit the notion.  But if this data can hold up to scrutiny, we can finally confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the things we have been suggesting for years.

And if it proves true, the scientific community may well have to begin to rethink how it deals with other forms of paranormal phenomena as well.  The sample size was sufficiently large to convince several that precognition is beyond a shadow of a doubt.  It doesn’t take a psychic to know we will be eagerly anticipating future developments on this exciting new study.