Psychic Detective Finds Wrong Victim

A psychic detective in Australia was horrified to discover a human torso while investigating the disappearance of a different person.  While investigating the disappearance of Kiesha Abrahams, the psychic trekking through Doonside’s Eastern Creek in western Sydney discovered a body just as the sun was beginning to set on Wednesday.  The discovery is either evidence of the detective’s psychic ability or an incredible coincidence.

While searching for a missing six year old girl Kiesha Abrahams, the psychic suddenly had a very strong intuitive gut feeling that there was a body nearby while they walked around searching for evidence of the girl’s whereabouts.  When they uncovered a naked torso missing the head, arms, and legs, they were shocked.  But the apparent age of the torso immediately ruled out the girl who was missing.  It was originally unknown whether the torso discovered was male or female, but last night it was announced that the torso had belonged to a female.  The incredibly unlikely find gained the psychic, who remains unnamed a considerable amount of support from believers and some skeptics who were moved to belief by the unlikely discovery.

As the torso’s discovery is part of an ongoing investigation, many details of the case remain scarce, although the area has become the site of an official investigation as foul play may be suspected in the case.  In any event, some level of investigation certainly seems warranted.

So how unlikely is this discovery?  Australia’s murder rate continues to fall per year.  Given the square mileage within Australia there is one murder per year for every 1,120 square miles.  If we multiply this and assume a body is visible always from half a mile away the chances double to one in 2,240.  Then we take into consideration how few murders actually result in disposed of bodies (crimes of passion often don’t involve any sort of cover up) and the number is still significantly higher.  And this is also taking into consideration the period of time before a body is destroyed by the elements, and the likelihood becomes even stranger.  Of course this is only if one psychic were making an attempt one time to find a body.  And there is much more of a condensed area where people inhabit the region, so not all square mileage can be taken into consideration.  In the end, since the area humans inhabit is far less than the entire area of Australia, we can assume the original figure requires some modification.  But even so, the chances of a psychic going out on an investigation only to find another body from a likely unrelated crime is exceedingly low.  So this raises the all important question: is this a case of someone’s psychic talents paying off?  Or is it merely a coincidence?  With police departments from several countries, including the UK, making claims that psychics are never used in investigations finds such as these are always of particular note, however unfortunate they may be.